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Ceremony in Ocean City, where to have reception???

I'm very newly engaged and have no idea where to start. lol.  I always wanted to get married on the beach, so that's a no brainer.  but I have no idea where we could have the reception.  we are on a very limited budget as we're paying for this ourselves.
thanks so much in advance!!

Re: Ceremony in Ocean City, where to have reception???

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey
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    Are you set on Ocean City?  If you are planning to have your entire reception also in Ocean City, remember that you won't be able to serve alcohol unless your reception is off island.  If this is important to you.

    I would start on creating an ideal guest list.  Then figure out how much you want to budget for your entire wedding.  Then figure out if your guest list is doable with your given budget.  From there you can look into places that fit your budget and amount of guests.  Having your wedding outside of the normal summer months will help you save.  Think about either a early May/October wedding.  Also, sometimes having a late July/early August wedding can help because it can be very hot during this time, so bookings may be lower.
  • You can certainly serve alcohol if you have your reception on OC, my brother was married at the Flanders Hotel and they had an open bar.  But expect OC to be very pricey.
  • I am pretty set on Ocean City to actually get married in.  I wouldn't mind having the reception outside of OC.  I was thinking perhaps Somers Point or somewhere else.  I'm honestly not terribly worried about the alcohol, because for myfiancee's dad, it's going to be an issue if we do serve alcohol.  My dad as well.  But our budget is going to be really tight, so I didn't know if anybody knew of some ideas that we could use.
    Thanks for all your help!!
  • How many people?  Sandi Pointe has a few private rooms, the one upstairs is beautiful.  We are using half of the downstairs room for our rehearsal dinner.  The owner is very nice and easy to talk to about planning.  His brother used the upstairs room for their rehearsal, which easily had 60-75 people there with room to spare.
  • Yea to get married in OC is gonna be really pricey.  I know the flanders runs about $120 and thats before you add in the alcohol you have to get from the liquor store over the bridge!  If you wanna head into somers point, theres greate bay, which is nice and pretty cheap!  there is also harbor pines in eht, blue heron in another part of eht and these are all relatively cheaper than most of the places in the area!
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  • thank you all so much!!
    we're trying to keep it fairly small.  i think we're around 100 now, but fiancee doesn't want to go over a 100.  we're hoping to keep it at around 75.
    i would love the flanders, but 120 is definitely out of my price range. 
  • Have you tired Greate Bay Country Club in Somers Point? I went to a wedding there and it was nice. I'm not sure their prices.
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  • Maybe try the OC Yacht Club. I know it's a 600$ fee to rent the hall, but not sure about catering. It seems like a great location, and doesn't seem too extrememly pricey.

    Also, I think the Port-O-Call Hotel (the huge pink one right off the Boardwalk, if you're familiar with the area) does weddings. I think they allow up to 80 people, so using that venue would be a great excuse to keep the guest list low(er). Great location, you could have your wedding on the beach, then walk to the reception!

    Best of luck, I'm in the same boat right now! No idea what I'm doing, but I know I want to get married near OC! :)
  • I am having my ceremony at the OC yacht club. It is a reasonable price. There is a rental fee, food ranges from 75-81 (without tax/gratutiy), and LQ is separate. If you dont mind me asking what beach are you getting married on? I am also getting married on the beach but hate the beach along the boardwalk.
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