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Hello everyone I recently got engaged and started the planning for my big day.  I was wanting to know if anyone is getting married at Shawnee Mission Park or has in the past? Me and my finance went and looked at the big lake there and we both thought it was the perfect setting for us, but when i called they were not very friendly and didn't seem to want to work with us.  I still think this is where we want to get married and would appreciate any advice or maybe a contact number for someone you have or are currently working with.  

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    We talked about having our ceremony there, too, but went another way. I didn't go so far as to contact anyone - sorry you're not having the best experience. However, I have been to a wedding there and I can tell you it was beautiful. I love that park. Also - we were considering Mildale Farm and it is also owned by Johnson County Parks and Rec, same as Shawnee Mission Park, and we worked with Sarah Shaw (Corporate & Community Wellness Coordinator for JCPR), so she should be able to help you or at least point you to the right person. Sarah Shaw - 913-236-1253, [email protected] Good Luck!
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    Ditto cassie.  I haven't planned a wedding there, but I've been to one and it was very nice.

    Congratulations on your engagement! 
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    A girl I work with got married there and said overall she had a very good experience.
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    I'm not getting married there but we are having a welcome lunch the day before the wedding in one of their pavillions. So far the people I've talked to have been nice, but maybe a little less than on top of things. I asked some questions and got vague replies or "IDKs..." It's not too big of a deal because it's not the wedding, it's just a BBQ.

    But I will say, overall good.

    Oh, one thing - the pavillions don't allow alcohol. Even with a permit. I think there is a special event place where you can serve it, but if you just do a regular pavillion you can't. Just FYI in case that's an issue.

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    Cassie and Whitney: When you attended a wedding there was the ceremony at one of the shelters or was it set-up in the grass?  I just talked to them and they said if we had it in one of the shelters we were not allowed to remove the picnic benches to set-up chairs.  The only reason I was wanting it under a shelter was in case of rain, but don't see how it is going to work since the benches have to stay in the shelter.  Please let me know your experiences.
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