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Blue Steel Lighting prices??

Hi, has anyone used Blue Steel Lighting?? Their work looks awesome but I can't find prices! I scheduled an appointment with them but they didn't give me a price via email when I requested it, and if it is crazy expensive I'm not sure I'll keep the appointment.

Does anyone have ANY idea how much lighting packages cost?? I have no clue what to expect.


Re: Blue Steel Lighting prices??

  • For that you could buy the uplighting and sell it on e-bay after your wedding... just saying ;)
  • Yes, you could certainly purhase lighting from ebay. Then you could also buy high-power cable links that can weigh in at 50 or more pounds per length to run power.  Don't forget to work out if you would need to link them into the main breaker box due to the large amount of power they require and cannot simply be plugged into a single circuit that will power the whole room.

    You've now spent weeks in preparation, coordination with the venue, tallying out electric loads and feasibility and still have to have friends or family or YOU go set it up the day of your ceremony.

    I'm a lighting designer by trade, and unless my colleagues would come down to our venue for free a day in advance to set it all up and bring their own equipment, I would not do it on our own.

    Best wishes on your rental, I'm sure they'll take good care of you and compliment your worry-free day just fine.
    -Meredith B. , Lighting Designer and emminent bride. :)
  • Blue Steel is AMAZING!!! They did my wedding & ceremony lighting in November. I had a very difficult ceremony space to light and they beyond impressed me. They are worth every penny!! Their pricing is by location (since every location is different) and how extensive of a lighting package you want. You can include or take out so many things - pin spots on tables, monograms (gobo's) on the dance floor, crazy wall or floor designs, etc. If $2000 is your budget, let them know up front and they work with you. They're very nice.  I took out the gobo and table pinspots because I wanted to stay as close to 2500 as possible and less than 3. 

  • They are pretty pricey, however, I got a great package quote from this vendor and they were significantly less than Blue Steele (about $1000 cheaper).


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