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Ok I am planning my wedding for August of next year. Everything was going great until I made an attempt to make a guest list. I am stuck, I don't know where to start.... Any suggestions?
The future Mrs. Keeyana Luchellya Tanner


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    Start with the must-haves. Parents, siblings, grandparents, wedding party.

    Then, decide from there whether you're going to invite aunts, uncles, and first cousins. You probably also have some good friends you'd very much like to have there.

    See how many you're looking at.

    Then, ask your parents and FI's parents for their absolute must-invite people (their very close friends and maybe some of their aunts/uncles/cousins). Have them double-check your family list to make sure you didn't forget anyone.

    I organized my guest list that way. I didn't really have a B-list, but we invited all aunts/uncles/cousins and a few close friends. After you've done the above and if you can still afford to have more guests, you might want to include coworkers, casual friends, some of your parents' other friends, and so on. Start from the people very closest to you and work your way outward from there. If you need to cut people, cut from the outermost people (those not incredibly close to you) and do so in an even manner (don't cut your coworker and you FI's first cousin- that's not fair).

    I hope this helps. I know it can be overwhelming. The guest list caused me a ton of stress. Just stay oragnized and do your best. Double-check it throughout your planning just to be sure you don't forget anyone. The Knot has a really handy guest list tool that will also save addresses, what gift they gave you (handy for writing thank-you notes), and you can even use it for organizing your seating chart if you do one.
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    Wow! Never would have sat down and put that all together! Thank you going to get right to it!!!
    The future Mrs. Keeyana Luchellya Tanner
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