Which name do I use?

I am trying to get logos made for my fiance and I for our wedding. However, I can not decide what name to use. My first name is Lillian and my middle is Alyssa. I usually go by Alyssa with all new acquaintences, friends, work, and most of my family. However, around some of my family I go by Lillian because I was named after their mom, my grandma. My fiances name also starts with an A and I just thought that because I'm known as Alyssa to most people, the monogram A&A would look good together. However, I don't want to hurt the feelings of my family who calls me by my grandmas name.  I know thats shallow but I'm considering all options. I am apprehensive of using both names because I think that would seem odd because my fiance is only using his first name. What would you do?

Re: Which name do I use?

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    I think whatever you go by makes the most sense. If your family calls you Lillian but knows that you go by Alyssa, they'll get it.

    My friend's first name is Elisabeth but she goes by Thea. No one calls her Elisabeth except her parents, and I've got a hunch that if she were getting married she'd use Thea.
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    Go with whatever makes you happy...as Brea said people will get it. HTH! J. :-)

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    Totally agree! Alyssa is what you go by and they will totally understand :) Now I have my question answered about your personal email address lol. I sent you the info on Dan yesterday as well.....take care! TTYL
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    Go with what you feel most comfortable with! My husband has one first name and two middle names and has gone by all at some point in his life. For our programs, monogram, etc. he used the most common one and in the ceremony went by his legal first name.



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    What does your FI call you? I'd go with whatever you use with him.
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    Thank you for the advice, girls! I decided I want to use Alyssa after all. I think my family will understand as they know I've been puzzled by this for a few weeks. Also, my fiance has always called me Alyssa and I just identify more with that name.
    And tiggy, yeah I always confuse people with my email address. I need to just pick one and stick with it and be done with it. lol. Thanks for the info!
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