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Budleigh Price Range?

I hear so much about this place, but cannot seem to find a price range. I am arranging to meet with them at the Wedding Expo, but I am too excited to wait!

I see that you rent out the place for the whole day, do they charge differently for how many people are attending? And what does the price usually include?

Thx to my fellow obx brides!

Re: Budleigh Price Range?

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    Hello, we're using the Budleigh in June.  The price only varies depending on the day of the week.  Saturday is the most expensive at $3,000 Friday is $2,500 and the rest of the week is $2,000 *I'm not totally sure about Sunday.

    It only includes tables and chairs (but pretty gold chiavari chairs, so you don't have to worry about renting chair covers or anything).  You get it from 7am-12am, so if you're planning an outdoor ceremony, it's a good backup plan for inclement weather.

    I can't remember the exact capacity, but I know it's more than what I plan to have (which is around 120).  They have 25 4' tables which seat 6 each so that would seat 150, but I'm pretty sure that the capacity is more than that.

    Caterers love the Budleigh because it has a full kitchen.  If you look around, some caterers will provide linens, plates, silverware, glassware, etc. in the cost with the food (but not all do!).  Also, the nice thing about getting a venue that doesn't do the catering  is that you can bring your own alcohol (HUGE money-saver!).  Again, some caters will provide a bartender and serve your alcohol, but not all will.  Just to give you two names of caterers if you're interested, we looked at Ortegaz which is right next door and does Southwestern food, and Kelly's (that's who we're using) which does more traditional catering.  Both include many rentals (Ortegaz does not provide glassware) and bartenders.  Good luck!
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    Hi Shaunapie! We are getting married at 108 Budleigh in May.  As Jen said, it is $3000 on a Saturday - which is what we are doing.  If you rent their 9 BR home Fearing Cottage in South Nags Head (from Village Realty and VERY reasonable in off season) they give you $500 off the price for the Budleigh.  It does not fluctuate based on the number of people. I think Ortegaz will provide nice plastic barware if you are willing to do that.  That is what we are doing, I don't really care whether its plastic, and I'd rather not have glasses being broken on the dance floor.  My friends and family drink a TON and this always happens to us all night! Haha!

    the Fearings also own a linen rental company.  If you rent your linens from them you can just take them off and toss them in the corner of the room at the end of the night  and their cleaners will take care of them.  Lots of us are getting married at the Budleigh, so let us know if you have any more questions!
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    This is who we are going with, as well. We're doing a Friday wedding. Bonnie at Budleigh is amazing as far as contact goes. There were times in the summer that I'd write to her and hear back just a few minutes later! If you want some peace of mind, it's a great option.
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