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Dumb registry rant

Hi, all :)

So this is moderately silly.  I've been having issues with our Target registry - we received 2 fondue pots at my bridal shower because the purchases never showed up on the list (even though they both asked the cashier to check them off).  Then we received two sets of the pyrex lunch containers we wanted.  And today I got a third (!!) identical bakeware set.

I'm so grateful that our friends/family have given us gifts - I'm actually surprised how many people have purchased gifts knowing we're having a DW.  However, we definitely don't need 2 (or 3) of each of these items.  (Although I could rationalize 2 fondue pots.  I heart fondue.)  The worst part is I feel guilty returning gifts that we've been given - I don't want people to feel bad that they gift they bought didn't work for us.

Not trying to be a whiner here... but I figured you guys would get it.  :)

Re: Dumb registry rant

  • Why do you feel guilty, Hun? Your loved ones purchased gifts that you said you wanted/needed, via a registry. Unfortunately, the registry didn't keep track and now you've got double & even triple things that you do not need! I don't believe your family/friends would be offended if you exchanged for something else still on the registry/store credit. if I were the gift purchaser, I'd RATHER you return for something YOU'll USE, than to have my gift sitting in the closet still in the box, unused...(or mistakenly re-gifted back to me at CHRISTMAS! lol)
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  • LOL, thanks, Stewy :)  I appreciate your words.  I think I just don't want my friends/family to think we're ungrateful - but you're right.  I'd want someone to exchange for what they really want.  I'm also a little shocked that these are the gifts we got!  How could 7 people get us the same 3 gifts?  What are the odds?  Haha!!!
  • You're 3 weeks away from your wedding....ranting is a right at this stage of the game:)
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  • I'm with Stewy.  The gift givers got you something they knew you could use/something you wanted (via your registry).  Not yours (or the gift givers) fault so no need to feel guilty! :)  If those items had been correctly marked off they would've picked something else you wanted/needed just like you plan to do if you return them! :)

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  • Don't feel bad, we took tons of stuff back to Target for the same reason.  We didn't tell the givers that though since they did buy what we wanted, just someone else bought it first and Target screwed up.

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  • Thanks, guys!  I don't feel so bad anymore.  I guess it's par for the course with a Target registry right now.

    AJF, seriously, I find myself ranting all the time!  WTF?  I just start talking about all the things I need to do... and then I realized it's 20 minutes later.  :)
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