New to the area, need help!

I wrote this on the Omaha board, but then looking at the board, it seems it wasn't very active, so I'm trying this board too.,

My fiancé may be accepting a job in Omaha and I just had a few questions.

1. What are some good suburbs/areas to live? Family oriented as my fiancé has a son.
2. What are good school districts in the area? I'm a teacher so I will be needing a job
3. Does anyone know teaching job prospects in the Omaha area? Here in Ohio it's so hard to find a teaching job so I'm kind of nervous!

Thanks for any input. I'm stressed now thinking about planning a wedding, moving, and job hunting now all this summer!

Re: New to the area, need help!

  • Teaching jobs can be difficult to find here but substitute jobs are not. The order I personally would list the schools and neighborhoods is District 66/Westside, Millard, Papillion, Elkhorn, Ralston, LaVista, and Bellevue. OPS is the largest school system but has the most issues. logistically all but Bellevue falls west of 60th and south of Dodge.
  • You want to stay clear of North Omaha, look for something south Omaha like Bellevue or in West Omaha, or any of the suburbs she mentioned... North O isn't the safest neighborhood I'm sorry to say.
     You may find luck with one of the smaller towns near Omaha, I know Elkhorn and Gretna are nice places to live and not a bad commute at all.
    Good luck!

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    Welcome to Nebraska! I am a Lincoln local but very familiar with Omaha. I agree with everything MsYeck said. I have a lot of friends that graduated from Millard south and are doing quite well saying they always appreciated their school. I also have friends of the family that used to teach there and loved it when they were there! Gretna is also really nice. I have an aunt who teaches at the elementary school there! Good luck with everything!
  • Thanks for the info. I will look into those places. As for teaching, I teach special Ed. Is that easier to come by? In Ohio, elementary Ed jobs are almost impossible to get unless you work in a bad area and even then it's real hard to get one; however, special Ed you have more of a chance of getting a job, but it's still hard.
  • Special Ed definitely increases your chances. Tons of jobs in teachers assistant or paras. Lots of people start as one of those to get into a good district and wait for something to open up. Districts have a tendency to higher from within or someone fresh out of school who is cheap
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