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Hello!  I'm a bride from NJ, and I reently came across the website for Milk & Honey shoes.  I am interested in designing my own wedding shoes and wanted to find out if anyone from this area is familiar with them and have either purchased shoes from there or are using them to design their wedding shoes.  Would love to hear your experience with them before I go ahead and order my shoes.  TIA!

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Re: Milk & Honey shoes

  • Hi!  I got my shoes from Milk & Honey and have not stopped talking about how great they are!  Seriously.  I love my dress, I love my flowers, but I'm obsessed with my shoes.  I was really nervous about ordering my wedding shoes online (from a brand I wasnt' familiar with) but I knew exactly what I wanted and couldnt' find it anywhere else.  I talked to the people at Milk& Honey about sizing and design choices so that by the time I ordered I felt really confident!   Not only did my shoes come in EXACTLY the way I pictured, they were really really comfortbale.  I danced all night and didn't even think twice about it.  I even wore them on our honeymoon!  I didn't go for a a white or ivory shoe so they aren't really wedding-y if I wear them with jeans.

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  • I am also from NJ. I got married last October and I also ordered and designed my shoes from the Milk & Honey website.  I had a fabulous experience with Milk and Honey! I had the perfect shoes - they were just the right height and the perfect color (a teal glitter), and were comfortable all night. I would definitely  recommend using them.
  • I am from NJ and I wanted to have orange shoes for my wedding but couldn't find any. So I ordered my wedding shoes from Milk & Honey (you can see mine on their Facebook site). They were so helpful  and quick to respond to my questions that I sent via email. (I had questions about sizing and heel heights).
    The shoes were VERY comfortable. I wore them all day and danced in them all night! Unlike white or ivory shoes- I know i'll wear these again!

  • Thank you for this info! I am loving the idea of ordering exactly what I want!
  • Thank you for posting! I've been talking with their online chat lady all day. She was not only super helpful, but super knowledgable and friendly! I can't wait to see my shoes! :)
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