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Wondering if anyone can recommend a good company for a tent rental (outdoor wedding)? There are quite a few that come up when I google, but would like a personal recommendation. Thanks!

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    I think there is a thread just a couple down that rents tents.
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    We used Rentalex in Kalamazoo for our chairs and tables. The quality was great and I called multiple times to change our table count and sizes and change the chair count, the last time being just a few days before the wedding, and they didn't even bat a lash at my requests. Eveything went super smooth, they showed up on time to set everything up, their prices were unmatched by any other company I looked at and they even refunded me money when I downsized a few tables and cancelled some chairs - again, the week of the wedding! We didn't rent any tents from them but judging from everything else, I'm sure that would be a great place to work with for that as well.

    Good luck and I HTH!
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