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September 2012 Weddings

Weekly Checks (ooops)

Hey ladies! I was so exhausted yesterday that even though I was on our facebook page, I completely forgot about weekly checks! I'll just put this up now, so we can keep up with each other!

-FI and I went to the cake tasting on Saturday afternoon. Cake is all picked out- 3 tiers, round, white with purple orchids, chocolate chip and chocolate marble layers. Woot.
-Went to AC moores/home depot after this and picked up everything I need to make a card box. Bought: round box, plum spray paint, spray glue, glitter, letters that spell "cards", and sparkly ribbon. 
-Worked on the wording for the invites (need to order asap!)

-Finalize wording and order the invites! This really needs to get done asap.
-email my officant back after I look though all the stuff that she gave me

That's really it. I need to make ordering the invites my priority this week.
September 2012 Siggy Challenge: Wedding Preview!
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Re: Weekly Checks (ooops)

  • Last week:
    Booked my Dad's apartment rental for the wedding weekend
    Received a piece of family jewelry from my aunt
    Worked on wedding website. It's as done as it can be until a few other decisions are made
    Received my wedding band. It's absolutely perfect and i must AW it here:

    This week:
    Get hair trimmed and decide on wedding hair with stylist
    Order hair accessories
    Decide on and order jewelry (this is contingent on hair decision)
    Follow up on apartment rental for myself and others
    Decide how to wear family pin on wedding day

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  • I got a couple of checks done this weekend.

    - Secured ceremony site with a down payment. Took pictures while there to show florist.
    - Set FMIL straight in terms of guest list, which is officially finalized.
    - Agreed to let IL's pay for cake.... potential to be worst decision ever.
    - Picked up veil and cups for dress.

    Need to do:
    - heavily research places to get antique vases from for centerpieces!
    - Begin building memorial tree featuring pics of past relatives.
  • Last week:

    -Table linens arrived
    -I found day-of earrings
    -Contacted officiant and STILL waiting for a final yes/no answer

    This week:
    -Iron linens
    -email DJ to set up meeting
    -send out first payment to DJ
    -start cutting wood slabs for centerpieces
    -other DIY projects
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  • This Past Week:
    Finished designing photobooks for parent gifts
    Placed Vistaprint order for thank you notes and personalized beer lables for reception

    Next Week:
    Design photobook guestbook
    Order all 3 photobooks before Groupons/Living Socials expire!
    Meet with priest for the beginning of premarital couseling
    Figure out tuxes
    Book our hotel room for the wedding night
    Make final decision on wedding bands

    Oh man, looks like I've got lots to do in the next week...
    Sept 2012 Siggy: Bridesmaid Dresses!
    But instead of yellow, mine will be peridot!
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  • Last week: Nothing, just as I said I would be doing hahaha

    This week: I want to complete mockups for the wedding party tables, and I want to do a mock up that I like for our program.
  • This week:
    Almost done designing invites and RSVPs
    Emailing with officiant to plan out ceremony
    STILL looking for table linens

    Next Week:
    Finish designing RSVPs and order off of Vistaprint
    Finish designing invites and inserts and get quote for printing from cards and pockets
    Keep looking for linens

    I'm sure I'm missing a ton of stuff but this is what stands out in my brain. =P
  • this past week:
    -invitations final balance paid
    -cake topper was sent
    -started talking with a few hair/makeup artists
    -worked on my scrapbook some more (only a few pages left to make!)
    -picked out my necklace (i'm borrowing FMIL's earrings, and she just bought the matching necklace. problem solved!)

    this week:
    -finish scrapbook and table numbers
    -receive invites (!!!!)
    -receive cake topper (also really excited for this!)
    -dress is supposed to come in! i haven't heard anything in a while though. i might call up and see
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    The Whimsical Wifey
  • Last week/this weekend checks:

    Ordered invitations
    Ordered takeout boxes for candy bar
    Bought tuxedo for my sweetheart (at a HUGE discount!!  saved about $450.00!)
    Ordered rental tuxedos for our GMs
    Got jewelry (which I might re-sell.. it's bigger than I thoguht it would be)
    Bought beautiful bamboo platters for cookie/dessert bar
    Got napkins for beverage bar (IKEA had mye exact colors!)
    Got wine colored placemats to go under the centerpieces
    Bought all the stuff to make my card box !  (I am NOT a DIY person, so this should be interesting)
    Ordered bows/decorations for ceremony

    This week:
    Order carpet runners
    Make final payment on venue
    Order chairs/arch thingy for ceremony

    wow... I got a lot done last week! 
  • Last week:
    Got with my linen lady and ordered all my linens

    This week:
    Start on Flower petal aisle runner
    Send payment to Photographer
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  • Celtic - love your ring!

    Last Week:
    - booked the RD
    - had my H&MU trial
    - booked a hotel near the airport for the night before we leave for the HM

    This Week:
    - pick a design for invitations
    - shop some more for wedding bands
  • kwortman80kwortman80 member
    edited April 2012
    Last week: 
    - Booked and went to hair trial, wasn't completely in love, but I think by the end of the appointment she 'got it' and now is on board with what I'm envisioning for hair.
    - Went for cake tasting and decided on flavors which are out of this world good.  We have the leftovers in our fridge.  Drooling just thinking about it.  Design seems to be under control, too.  Yay!
    - Met with a videographer (twice!) to see what ideas he had for our venue and to see some of his previous work.
    - Visited the site we rented for our wedding party + a few others helping with the wedding - an awesome old summer home built in the 1920s.  We'll be staying there leading up to the wedding, but have a hotel booked in town for the wedding night.
    - Did a second mock-up of centerpieces, which I like much more than the first.
    - My favorite - FI and I absconded with 95 guides to the town where our wedding will be held, which we found at a rest stop on the MI/IN border.  I had been planning to attempt to order some from the CVB for OOT bags, but this was much easier.  FI was way more open to the idea than I anticipated, and he grabbed about 70 to my 25.  <3

    This week:
    -Decide on videography package and send deposit
    -Send deposit for cake
    -Do research on makeup, perhaps test it out at a wedding this weekend if I get my ish together in time.
    -Finish addressing STDs and send out (only co-workers left... we're behind, I know)
    -ORDER INVITES - we have these picked out, but keep dragging our feet on placing the actual order.  
    -Start looking for a headband
    -Look up bag options for OOT bags

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