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Shower Recap

Just had my shower yesterday! Happy to say everything went well. Thought I'd share some ideas. 

Rented out the back room of a restaurant. Decorations were pretty simple, white linens on each table and a candle. A few bunches of purple balloons, mostly around the cupcake table and gift tables.

Favors: my mom bought a bunch of Betty Crocker utensils, (think spatula, measuring cups, scissors) and then she and my aunt and her friend tied a little saying onto each item using ivory cardstock and purple ribbon. I'm not sure what all the sayings said...But there was a bunch left over too, (they were on clearance, supre cheap so my mom bought a ton!) and people were actually taking more out of the extra box, saying what a great idea because it was somehting they would actually use.

Games: limted and easy, and no one had to do a whole lot which seemed to work very well!
'Find the Handsome Husband To Be': Pictures were put under each plate before guests arrived. One plate per table had a picture of my FI, the rest were of ugly guys. (think missing teeth/funny looking etc) and whoever had the Handsome Husband To Be under their plate won a prize! Prizes for this were simple, a couple candles, picture frames, I think that was it. But the winner from each table got to go pick their prize from the prize table. This game was done before buffet lunch.

'The Price is Right': Each of my bridesmaids took a 'Room In the House' to buy $15-$20 worth of stuff for a room in the house. Ie, Kitchen- soap dispenser, magnets, roll of paper towels, 'Bedroom': light bulbs, picture frame, sleeping mask . You get the idea. This was done for 6 rooms total, then each 'Room' was displayed on a high top tables.  Guests were each given a pen and an index card, and when they wanted, they got up and scanned each 'room', writing down what they thought the price was for each room. Then about an hour later, the BM's announced the actual price of each room, and the the guest who was closes without going over won the items from each room. The guests loved it!

Ok that is all :-)

Re: Shower Recap

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    I love that price is right game, I had never heard of that one!
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    Sounds great! Im glad you had such a wonderful shower! :)
    My friends and I do the Price is Right game at Bridal and Baby showers! Its always a fun game.
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    The price is right sounds SO fun! 

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    Another version of the game is to do it with about 10 items instead of rooms. Usually smaller kitchen gadgets, etc.
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