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So my fiance and I are in a debate. For our table numbers we bought large wooden numbers. We are going to hold them and take pictures and use the pictures as our table numbers. We will be taking the pictures mostly outside with greenery around. What color should I paint the numbers? He says black and I say white because I think the white might stand out better. Anybody do something like this before? What worked best? What are you opinions?? Thanks in advance!!

Re: Need opinions!!

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    I haven't done this but I think it also depends on what colors you both wear in your pictures. If you want to wear bright colors, like yellow or anything light, then I would suggest using black paint. If you prefer to wear darker, deeper colors, then I would paint them white. If the trees are going to be most of the background, then I agree with you...I think white would be best. That's just my opinion!
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  • I say just split the difference and do gray or silver if it fits your colors. 

  • I would match to your table, personally. What color are your table linens? What does your venue room look like?

    You could keep the woodsy feel and stain them...

    What's the dance floor look like?

    I guess I view decorations as interior design so I would consider where they will end up.

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