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STD- When to send?

I don't really get the need of STDs, but my MOH is in love with the idea of STD magnets. I've been assured they aren't horrendously expensive, but! When do I actually send the things?

What if the date changes after I send it?

Re: STD- When to send?

  • We are sending ours at the 1 year out mark. We want to make sure we have everything booked and set in stone before we send anything out. If the date changes you can always have the information posted on your wedding website. Truthfully the correction can be made using the invitation IMO and that would be fine as well.
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  • We are sending out at teh 1 year mark
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  • I'm looking to send out around the 10 month mark I think...but I'd definitely wait until you have a date confirmed with the church/reception venue and a contract signed.
  • We are sending ours out at around the 1 year - 10month mark.  I do advise checking with all the important people on your guest list once you pick a date.  Like the parents, grandparents, closest friends, close aunts and uncles.  Those that if they couldn't make it, you would be very disappointed.  I sent an email to those people and the ones that travel A LOT and let them know the date ahead of time before finalzing.  I got the okay from those important people so we booked.  We made the mistake of booking before doing this and my FH mom's will be out of the country on our first date we booked and we had to change it.  It was stressful to do so and we had to push our wedding back 6 months.  After that the new date we picked we sent out an email to those people.

    So check with thos important people first and then book your venue then send out your STD's.  Good luck!!!
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