Discount Dresses in Bay Area?

Suggestions for finding good deals on wedding dresses in the Bay Area? Under $600-$1000 would be great, but I'm not willing to sacrafice on great style.

I'm willing to go pre-owned, but I'm weary about sites like because there are no returns!

Suggestions? Also hoping to avoid the "Ross" (super unorganized, no one to help you get into the dresses-type experience).


Re: Discount Dresses in Bay Area?

  • When I went to Bay Area Bridal they had tons of dresses in all sizes. Plus they were negotiable on pricing if I bought there. 
  • Rinn's in San Carlos had several for me to try on in that price range. I wanted something "unusual," too, so if you want white strapless, I'd totally recommend them.
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