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FI and I have just done a 180 in our planning process and decided to switch from a venue that includes everything (food, tables, chairs, linens etc.) to renting a space/tent and doing everything ourselves. I am having a hard time figuring out any pricing at all for a caterer. It could be $2,000 or $20,000, I have noo idea! We are having about 130 people in September of 2011. The venue we almost booked was about $38 per person for food only. How can I figure out if we would be saving money, or spending much more. Has anyone worked with a caterer recently? Who did you use? How did it go?

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    Hello! My FI and I are also doing a tent wedding so we also had to find a caterer. I'm not sure where you are located in Maine but our wedding is in the Waterville area and we are using Eric's Restaurant in Waterville. Our price through them is $16.99 a person which was about the lowest price I found anywhere! You can find caterers for whatever price you want to spend ($17pp to $50pp) it just depends what you want and how much you're willing to spend. Good luck...if you are in the Central Maine area I would absolutely recommend Eric's! I've been to lunch there a ton of times and one of my girlfriends had their rehearsal dinner there and the food was amazing :-) Good luck to you in your search!
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    I would second that! My sister had her rehearsal dinner at Eric's and it was very good and reasonable.  My FI and I were going to use Eric's to cater our wedding but decided to go with a Venue that includes the food, linens and such.  Good luck in your research and happy planning!
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    We found in our research that a caterer would have been a lot more expensive, because the per-person price did not include lots of extras, including hourly salary for each person, tip, rental for dishes, etc. But if you could pick a $20pp meal, with all the extras it might end up evening out to $38pp with the extras included.

    I was just really surprised to find out that we had to pay $20-$30 per hour per staff person with one caterer, on top of the cost of the food!
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    Eric's includes the servers and all of the china/silverware/cups but it doesn't include linens. However, the linen prices still don't bring me nearly as close to what I would have paid at a venue that included it all in say $30 per person.
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    I found this list of Maine caterers on another site:

    Catering by Evalin 773-8380
    Falmouth Corner 939 7017
    Small Potatoes 781 3308
    Black Tie Co. 761 6665
    CVC Catering 756 7599
    Churchill Catering 878 2277
    York's Catering 568 4800
    Keeley the Katerer 797 3550

    Southern Maine
    Express Events 571 8707
    Finest Kind Caterers 829 5030
    Kitchen Chicks 985 0252
    Life Is a Party 282 9035
    Mims 229 6810
    Personal Touch Catering 642 2148
    Silver Tureen 985 9969
    Blue Elephant Cafe & Catering 282-2100

    Robinhood Free Meetinghouse 371 2188 x10
    True North Events 633 1101 x113
    Maine Coast Catering 236 6163
    Trillium Catering 338 5080
    Red Plate 563 2992
    Downeast Catering 833 6874
    Cappy's Chowder House 236 2254
    Sarah's Cafe
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