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Dress Shopping

When did everyone start to shop around for dresses. My future SIL said she did bridesmaids first and then could concenrate on herself. I thought it would make more sense to get the dress and then look at bridesmaids so you could get a style which looks nice with the dress. Also I do not even know if I am doing white or ivory. I know I should try on every style, but in my mind I am thinking of a fit and flare type of dress. Big and pouffy is not me. Also are all shops by appointment or can I just walk in and look around. I really want to wait until after the holidays to start shopping. Thanks for all of your advice and thoughts about this.

Re: Dress Shopping

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    It is so much fun!   Everyone will have different advice but here is what I think.  I would start with your dress first since it will set the tone of the day and provide you will a vision before looking at bridesmaids gowns.  Plus your gown will likely take longer to come in.  Definitely try on everything, I ended up with more of a ball gown than I had anticipated.  You never know. 

    I shopped a year in advance for my September 2012 wedding, my dress takes 8 months to come in.  I always made appointments when going to bridal salons but did just stop in at David's Bridal without much luck.  Every shop is different on their availability.  I could only shop on weekends and would recommend making appointments if that is whenyou plann on going, it is the busiest time at the salons and your service will be better if you have appointments.  GL!

  • i2012doi2012do member
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    I am dress shopping now for my August wedding. Some dresses can take as long as 7-8 months to come in, but can always be rushed (for a charge)

    Here is the advice  I have.
    Bring photos and ideas of what you like, but be openminded.
    Be sure to tell the consultant if they are going in the wrong direction, remember, they don't know you well.

    I actually find dress shopping to be quite daunting and not the most fun and enjoyable experience. I went into it thinking it was going to be this magicial time and so amazing and i would cry and my mom would cry when i had on dresses that were perfect. I have found this isnt my case at all. and i just think everyone is different. I mean, it is fun but it has been a challenge. I also don't fit into all the samples so its a struggle and i have body issues so i have been in tears in salons- but at the same tim,ei always leave there feeling like a princess and like it has bene fun- so i think the postivie outweigh the negatives.

    just remember not everyone has that try it on, start bawling know its the one moment- and i think most people go there with that kind of anticipation that they will. if you dont but you lovea dress thats ok too

    also i suggest you wear a good strapless bra. Nothing was more uncomfrotable than the corset they put you in.
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    I agree with RIFallBride, your dress will set the tone for the day and since it's your day you should definitely pick your dress first.  You don't want to go into dress shopping trying to match your dress to the BMs dresses, it should be the other way around.

    I already have my dress for my Sept. 2012 wedding also.  I bought it off the clearance rack at Party Dress Express in Fall River.  They are a walk-in store, no appointment necessary and the service is still amazing.  I would recommend making appointments at any other salon you choose to shop at though.  Good luck!  I had so much fun shopping for my dress, I'm sure you will too.
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    I think you should get your dress first. I got my dress and then the sales lady held up a dress in a color I was thinking about having for the girls and it looked really good. even though you said you have a certain style in mind, I would suggest that you try on everything that you think you might like (and the sales people should pull stuff for you to say yes or no to try on) and bring pictures too as someone else here said. i tried on a dress and ending up getting it! and i never would have tried it on if the sales lady hadnt pulled it for me. i was trying on a bunch of dresses that I thought I would like, and that I had pictures of, but it wasn't working. also, as someone else said, it's hard to see what it will really look like on, because the sizes are samples. it is a little discouraging in that way but I love the dress I ended up getting. I got it from helene's bridal shop in east providence. the woman who helped me - kathy - was great, very patient and calming and very nice. my wedding is sept 2012 and they said the dress should be in in 6 mos - so about end of may, early june. i could only go on saturday because my mom was coming with me to go (she lives in CT) and we did need an apmt at the 2 places I went - helene's and also alexandra's in fall river, ma. have fun with it! i am NOT a shopper and didn't think I would enjoy it - but now I kinda wish I could go and try on more gowns even though I am very happy with my choice :)
  • i2012doi2012do member
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    oh and i totally didint mention that YEs, i think you should find your dress first.

    I had an amazing bridesmaid dress picked out . it was flowy and chiffon and amazing and now i am intersted in a silk duponi ball gown and i dont think it will "go" as nice as a satin short dress.
    so it def changed.
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  • luvred12luvred12 member
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    Thankks so much for all your advice. I have searched for dresses on the websites and 2 designers which I have fallen in love with are Alure dresses and maggie sottero. I love the corset back and so far am loving the lace. I am not a size 6 and have heard alot of the dresses are in smaller sizes. I would like to go to a shop which has more sizes in 12 or 14. Also I am planning on going to at least one bridal show and it seems the one at the convention center in Providence is the one to go with many vendors.
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    I agree with everyone else and try and find your dress first that way it sets the mood for your wedding. I got my dress last year for my July2012 wedding and it took 8 months to come in. I only had my girls get their dresses now and ordered so they have enough time to get the dress and have it altered.

    I would also recommend setting up appointments especially if you are planning to do dress shopping on the weekends it tends to get very busy. When i got my dress I did not have the ohmygod, bawling eyes out moment, and neither did my mom. I tried on a bunch of dresses and when i tried on my dress i felt beautiful and didn't want to take it off. that is how i knew it was my dress.
    Goodluck! :)
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