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May 2013 Weddings


Hi i see its pretty dead here...  and hoping to pick up soon :)..
 My BF has been changing our date from june to july  but he says he wants may.LOL
 We saw  possible reception hall and may is about 2k cheaper..which i think is a great idea! We are unsure of a date at this point...... im hoping he wont change his mind but i wanted to say hi :)..

Tell me about you!!!

Re: Hey!:)

  • My BF and I aren't completely positive on a date at this point either. Right now its May 25... but we've kinda been switching from May to June... I think June seems nice but I am leaning towards May simply to save money :) We haven't looked at anything in person yet... I'm pretty hesitant to make decisions as I am worried I will change my mind before the time comes!

    We are both currently in school, so that keeps us busy too! I'm going for nursing and he is going for Occupational Safety and Construction Management with a minor in Business. 

    Well I hope to hear back from you soon. Maybe we can bring some life to this board :) Tell me about yourself :)
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  • Hello all....ive been engaged only 2 weeks and we have definitly set a MAY wedding (May 11)! We wanted the wedding to be inbetween our brithdays (mine in early april, his in late may) and also during the spring time...where the weather here in HOUSTON is perfect!

    I hope everyone for may spring weddings have good ideas. i have been planning and lookin since ive gotten engaged and because of our budget (that we havent quite set yet either) most of our wedding will be DIY! My friends and I will all pitch in for something! Im soooo excited!
  • YAY !! ladies! Me and my BF decided on May 4th ( as of now) not totally offical but sounding very promising!!! As long as our reception is open that day although its so early...

     We are not doing much. We are not even tech enagaged yet.. but he said he is asking sooner then later :)... He just need to pick up my ring! ( all picked out ect)

    Im Amber my BF is Kevin. Im in nursing (as well) and my BF is in law enforcement. :)

    My two best friends are engaged also. One as been engaged since 2009. And another got engaged less then a week ago! So weddings are VERY much on my mind :). Im in both weddings. One is August 2012 and the other is Oct 2012!! And mine is May 2013! yeah! so in less then a year span. Pretty nuts! We been dreaming of iit since we were kids. So awesome we can plan together :).

     Thats my life in a nutshell.
     Me and my BF have looked at some venues. but nothing in stone. We have a dj because its a cop friend of ours :) and possibly a photographer.. (also another friend) she is amazing!

     We met in 2009.. and been together since... I found my prince charming as they call it! ahah.. we should get this board moving! Like 2 years away! SO excited!!!!!!!!!!
  • ktappa      You live close to me.. or not far! way awesome!!!!! May is awesome cause its  sooner ;)
  • Moya- Im def a DIY bride... to the fact i LOVE decorating... i have sooooooooooo many ideas...
     Im making my own std,invites,programs,flowers,decorations for reception, these paper ball tissue for reception... Prolly more i cannot even think of! Im so exited for it too..
     Our colors well i know one forsure is Lilac   and im thinking a yellow color too possibly and a aqua  :)
  • Wow you have some many ideas already! I'm jealous! My BF and aren't officially engaged either. He has a ring we picked out but the proposal is going to be a surprise so I have no idea when it will come! My family knows about the ring but I have only told a couple close friends :) How fun that your friends are getting married too! No one I'm close with has gotten engaged or married so I'm going to be the first! My BF and I have been talking about getting married May 25th but that will be memorial day weekend so we were not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing?!?! What do you think? 

    I'm really looking forward to dress shopping but I'm kind of nervous about actually planning a wedding because I have NO idea what I want! I have been thinking about like orange/red as a color to give the wedding kind of a middle eastern type feel. But I change my mind constantly! 

    Amber & Moya- Nice to know that you're doing a lot of things DIY because I really want to do that as well so I can get advice from :) I love doing crafts and saving money so I for sure want to make a lot of stuff myself!

    Do you know how many bridesmaids you are planning on having? Have you told any of them yet? I'm nervous that when I get engaged and tell my girls other people I don't ask to be in wedding will be upset. My BF's sister has been asking to be in the wedding but I personally think it is rude that she asked especially since we're not really close. I don't want to hurt her feelings though so  do know how to handle that... What do you think?

    Oh also my name is Kendra and my boyfriend's name is Ben and we have been dating since November 2006!! So it's been almost 4 and a half years :):)

    ok! Sorry I just wrote soo much! I just haven't had time to get on the site in awhile because I had a test and a paper due Monday! 

    Amber- Ohh do you know what type of nursing you doing/interested in!?
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  • so awesome!!!! I feel like what i mostly thiink about is wedding stuff.. my poor bf! Maybe due to the fact my two other close friends are  engaged now.. he might feel the pressure...lol
     May 25th- we thought it too.. but  i decided againist it just because its a holiday and some venue up their prices.. from what i heard..  But i think you should have your wedding when you want and the people that want to be there will be there!!!! The ones that are special to you will make it no matter what....... remember that :)..
     Our colors i think wil be lilac & aqua  with some pinkish/red color ... My BFs favorite color is red so have to mix that in there somehow..
     Im like you we are not engaged yet either but we picked out a ring and my BF wants to surprise me so who knows! When my bf asked me to be his gf he got custom made m & ms  so im curious what hed do to ask me to be his wife! lol..

     I have to admit i tried on one dress...LOL it was pretty,.. but i cant wait to try on dresses too!!!!!!!!!! Im def. a  DYI bride... i just LOVE crafts! im helping with my other two friends weddings too!  So yes if u need some ideas we are here for you!!!! There are  websites that help u  step by step too  if u need :). pretty awesome!!!!!!!

    As far as bridesmaids go im thinking 4-5    I havent told anyone but im sure my 2 bestfriends know they will be in my wedding. And im planning to have my two sisters in it.. and unsure of the 5. But we will see... This is what i tell my two other friends cause one of my bestfriends had the same issue.. Its your wedding.. You should have who you want in your wedding period.  But if they felt left out from the wedding and your family wants them in then maybe have them do a diff part of the wedding so they feel included. Thats my thoughts and i thik thats what id do if they  had to be in it. Because i feel you should have the people that mean the most to you, and you wanna look back at pics and if they kids ask u dont wanna be like oh someone i used to tal to  :)..

     Kendra i right now work in a group home :) i have wonderful clients. and wonderful co workers!! Yeah! I hope to end up in a hospital... but im unsure of what area exactly i been bouncing it around i really would love to work in the premee area though... but all are SO interesting!  But if i couldnt get into a hospital i would wanna work in a clinic. would be my 2nd choice..

     What about you??? I think Nursing is AMAZING!!!

     Oh whats funny is ill be a nurse and my bf  a cop! LOL :)

  • Aw I am so excited to hear about your engagement story once it happens :) M&Ms for asking you to be his girlfriend?! That is super cute! I am really looking forward to getting engaged as well. I have no idea what he plans to do or when but I'm thinking he will ask sometime this summer?! Haha that's as much as I know.

    Good point about May 25th possibly costing more though... If it does I think we would both want to move the date up! I don't really want to spend wedding money on a date!

    Thanks for all the advice w/ the bridesmaid situation. I'm sure I'll figure it out when the time comes. Just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I have 3 of my best friends I'm planning on including as well as one of my cousins I'm very close with.

    That is very cool that you work in a group home! That is an aspect of nursing I didn't even think about. I'm interested in working in woman's health, psychiatry, public health, the OR.... basically everywhere! I would love to work in a hospital or clinic as well. Do you do a lot of psychiatric work with the patient's in the group home? 

    & super cute that your bf is a cop and you're a nurse :) Doesn't get more all-american then that !!! 
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  • i cant either either! LOL of course.... we r going to orlando im like *hinthint* perfect time to ask ;). but i dont think he will :( dont think he will tell fall... sigh! who knows.... but he is such a guy about having our money perfect.. and we just had to spent 700 dollars on our lil kitten! i KNOW we are crazy! haha.

    Plus he bought me a promise ring awhile ago and wants to pay that off LOL...

     I agree i wouldnt wanna pay more for just a date either! lol we r hoping to get married 5.4 not offical it could change... who knows lol...do u hint or bug ur bf? lol

     i do work alot with psychiatric  clients. Oh boy every day is a new experince i tell ya! :)  love my job though! they ae wonderful

    are u working somewhere related to nursing at all? :)
    me and my BF go to wis dells every year! place is awesome haha had to add that into here :)

  • Ohhh I love the wisconsin dells!! We went for our anniversary last year and had soo much fun!!! 

    I am about to begin working at a long term care facility in May and it will be a nursing internship kind of thing so I'm excited, even though it's not the exact area I want to work in the future.

    Oooh Orlando?! How fun when are you going? That would be the absolute perfect time for a proposal!

    Uhmmm YES i bug my boyfriend all the time :):) hahaha I just make silly little jokes about it all the time. I wish I didn't but he doesn't seem to mind he said he is just waiting for the timing, wants everything to be perfect. 

    I have a promise ring as well and its super beautiful but I've had it for about 3 years now so I'm definitely excited to slip an engagement ring on my finger :) haha
    Do you bug your bf a lot too?!? Please say you do... lol I'll feel like less of a dork! 
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  • Thats awesome about your intership... sweet!!! how exciting!.Its good to start somewhere! :)...
     We are leaving for FL may 12! soooooo excited! just me and my BF! ya it be nice but highly doubt it. I been bugging him alot.. thats why he got me a promise ring ...lol he said to show he is commited lol... But i think the earlist he will propose is this fall :(....

    He a big money freak and everything has to be in order...lord!plus his family wants him to have a career before.. but meh we will see lol .but yes... I bug im alot... im like talking about weddings alot... he is semi happy about it.. but i talk about it so much he tells me that i make him nervous or  more so worried about money lol!. He says he is trying to understand.. we have saw a couple receptions though!. So waitting for that ring!. we both picked out a ring for me though :) so little steps! :). What does ur BF say when u hint at him?? lol.. i told my BF HINT HINT  orlando would be amazing place to propose lol... he was like yeah it would... booooooo lol

  • My boyfriend doesn't say too much when I hint at him :( We actually had a talk about it a couple days ago and he said he has a plan and a date in mind and my hinting won't change it! lol So I'm going to work on not saying anything because I want the engagement to a surprise too :) We do talk a lot about wedding stuff though, which he actually seems to enjoy. I show him pictures and pitch ideas and ask for feedback. Do you have any idea what kinda theme/ colors your wedding will have?! I literally have no idea! All I know is how I want to look... I don't know where I want to get married or have the reception.!! I'm not going to set anything in stone or plan anything until we're engaged but I'm still looking for idea so I can at least have some kind of direction!!

    Are you nervous about the May weather?? Wisconsin weather is SOO unpredictable and I'm assuming its similar in Minnesota.
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  • AWW at lease he has a date.. my bf says he has ideas and a season in mind.. LOL! I Tell him his season should be when we go to FL ;).. i just mess with him and he knows it!.Something my BF is interested in.. but only goes so far... im def. a planner and i love planning events forsure.... do it alot!. Sometimes i go over board... which im sure my BF think i will for our wedding too cause he told me i need a wedding planner... LOL.. I told him i refuse to pay 1500 for someone to help me plan a wedding when i can do it all on my own ( with him, family & friends help also of course!).  I compromised and said maybe someone to help the day of... but we will see.. The day of i could see myself freak out if something goes wrong... which i need to let loose more so hopefully i will! lol...

     I am kinda worried about a may wedding in MN.. its SUPER unpredictable here! U never know... could have snow for all we know! the weather now is  weird... im hoping for decent weather...  But both will be indoors so not horrible... i dont think i could chance a outdoor wedding in may....lol!!!

     If you have FB  we could chat there too :)
  • sounds good! What is your email ?? This way I can find you on facebook! :)
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  • Im not sur eif u can find me... but try lol   its [email protected]
  • Changing Subject for a second...Amber, post a picture of your kitty!!!!
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  • Haha ok! id love to do that! i will do it tom :)

  •  here he is sleepy :)
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