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September 2012 Weddings

Guest List

I'm having trouble because i want a small wedding in virginia beach.. and i have a huge family.. my fiance Joe is doing just immediate family..(siblings, parents, niece and nephew=18ppl) and our friends list is good at 25 around.. but i'm having trouble with the brides side.. i have only one sister and Joe has five so i decided to add just aunts and uncles..immediate family which equals about 24.. but my moms upset bc im not doing cousins other then the 2 in the wedding party. but i have like 20.. cousins n then adding dates.. irts just to much..im also worried about out of control cousins age 16-20.. that get out of hand.. what should i do? I've been sticking to my guns but.. i dont want to hurt anyones feelings?

Re: Guest List

  • I agree. My fiances family is sooo small and his parents are divorced so both of them in the same room would be enough drama, ha ha. My family has 2 sets of grandparents on each side, and has cousins and aunts and uncles GALORE! Majority of my fam lives out of state, so I know some probably can't attend. The thing is, I have contact with less than half of them. Another issue is that I see an aunt at holidays, but not her 3 kids, whom are my 1st cousins. I feel something would cause issues if I invited that aunt and not my cousins and their 6 kids combined.....
    I have to say the guest list is the hardest part of this wedding planning thing. We were thinking, close familiy to the ceremony and everyone else to reception? LOL, my fiance came up with that because he said he didn't like the idea of his car friends coming to watch him kiss.
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