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How is everyone's week going? Mine has been a HUGE emotional rollercoaster and I would be lying if I said I wasn't happy that its finally coming to an end! Can't wait for this weekend!
Tonight I was supposed to go to a business meeting, but not sure I'll be going. I have a friend in the hospital that I'd rather be there for tonight. Tomorrow same thing, business meeting in the evening that's currently TBA whether I go or not. Besides that I can just relax and get some DIY stuff done. Then on Sunday we're driving the 5 hours north for my cousin's bridal shower! She's getting married in June. Looking forward to seeing the family :) My family does a 'co-ed' shower... kinda... the guys all come but they have their own seperate 'guy place' to go hang out during the shower itself, so its still a ladies only shower lol. In this case there's a huge barn/work area that the boys often use and they're hanging out there lol


  • Hope your friend is okay. Enjoy the shower, it's good the guys can go and have some fun too.

    I'm on a serious emotional roller coaster myself. My daughter turned 18 today & it is freaking me out. I mean, I know I started young, but I can't possibly be old enough to have an adult kid!!! Plus, I have her party (40 kids with a DJ/disco ball/the whole 9 yards) tomorrow, rehearsals tomorrow, Mon, Tues & Weds, and 2 shows on Thurs & leave for S.F. on Friday. Meanwhile, H is leaving for Canada tomorrow & isn't coming back until the day I leave. So I have no help - I am fully prepared to have a house that looks like it puked, a kid who eats out of the microwave, and dogs who have to hold their pee.
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