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HyVee for wedding catering?

I have been thinking about maybe seeing what HyVee would be like as a cater for my wedding next year.  Has anyone used them or know what the food and prices are like?

Re: HyVee for wedding catering?

  • I have been to a outdoor, backyard wedding that did have HyVee catering and it was nice.  They had a couple stations that had a great display perfect for the casual atmosphere. 
  • We did a tasting with them and their food was actually really really good, I was impressed! They offer a great selection for a great price. Although they said that the servers would be in all black uniforms, I still got a little nervous about how professional they would be at the actual wedding, so we went with someone else a little higher in price (Affordable Catering). However, we decided to go with HyVee for our cupcakes, the price is just too good to pass up. Plus they are delicious! Hope this helps!
  • Yes! I attended a fall wedding where HyVee was the caterer. I made sure to ask the bride because I really did enjoy the food. I ate a chicken entree. Unfortunately, I don't remember the sides.

    For whatever reason, I thought the ranch dressing on the salad was just absolutely delicious! (I wonder if it was from-scratch buttermilk ranch?) The buffet was arranged very pretty, as well.

  • I went to a wedding last fall that Hyvee catered and I thought it was good.  I didn't eat the meat, because, well, I don't eat meat, but the guests I was sitting with said it was good!
  • I am having them cater my wedding in September (I work there so I get an insane discount!) but all I'm doing is having a grill out (hamburgers, pulled pork, grilled chicken, etc). I've been to a few weddings/events where Hy-Vee has catered, and none seemed like a trainwreck! The food was always filled when it was getting low, and it was delicious.

    They have just about everything- pasta bar, elegant plated meals, loaded baked potato bar, etc! Just have a meeting with one and let them quote you. No harm in it!

    Good luck
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    Just wondering, does anyone who has been to an event they catered remember if their uniforms or products say "HyVee" on them?  I went to a wedding they catered about 4 years ago and think I remember their aprons and the food containers saying "HyVee" all over.  I could be wrong though. 
  • When I met with them a couple months ago they told me that their uniforms would not say Hy-Vee on them. It may depend on the specific Hy-Vee though, so you should ask. I went to the Barry Road Hy-Vee in North KC.
  • The manager might have a chef's coat that says Hy-Vee small on the chest, but I'm pretty sure the waiters wear black shirts.
  • Thanks everyone for the post! All were very helpful.  Defiantly going to make a meeting with them and feel a little at ease now with them.
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