Newly Engaged :) Questions about vegan food at wedding

Hi everybody!

I just got engaged over the weekend and I'm  super excited but I have one major dilemma that I want to figure out ASAP to make wedding planning as smooth as possible. My fiancee and I are both vegans and we want to have an all vegan wedding. Well....HE wants an all vegan wedding, I wanted to serve mostly vegan food but have a meat entree option for our guests who are not vegan (which are most of them!). But this is his only wedding request so I want to make it happen. 

Has anybody else on here done this before? Or have any of you been to an all vegan wedding before? I really want the food to be outstanding. I don't want people walking away from our wedding thinking "what the hell was that food all about!" I want them to like it! I have found a vegan catering place but there aren't too many places in CT that allow outside caterers. Plus that would drive up the cost and we don't have a huge budget. So does anybody know of a venue that can accommodate vegans?

Thank you!!

Re: Newly Engaged :) Questions about vegan food at wedding

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    I think a lot of your guests will be rather uncomfortable if this is at a normal meal time.  Vegetarian I think you could make happen, but vegan is pretty extreme for a lot of people.

    If this is something you're really insistent on, I'd suggest alternative times for the wedding.  Like a Sunday brunch, or a mid-afternoon cocktail party.  That way it's not a full meal, and you can play around more with ingredients.  May I suggest a risotto or mashed potato bar?  It's well-loved, and most people can find something they'll eat.
    You're also more likely to be able to hire a very good caterer than find a venue catering specifically to vegans - check out Emily's Catering.  They don't typically do vegan, but I know they definitely could. You just would need to find a venue-only location, like Branford House or Webb Barn, where you bring in the caterer.

    Still, I'd suggest considering at least some dairy (cheese, butter, milk) or eggs in dishes to make it more approachable for your average guest.  I think this would free up your menu a lot - my friend is a vegetarian and having a Sunday brunch with quiche, waffles with fruit toppings & butter, yogurt & granola & fruit station, and french toast skewers.  I've also been to a vegetarian cocktail party that had a lot of fun finger foods, like bruchetta, risotto, tomato/basil/mozzarella skewers, mashed potatoes, etc.



  • i had an all vegetarian wedding and was pretty much the only vegetarian there - it was a total success, and id say if its important to you guys then you should definitely stick to your guns! i went to a vegan wedding a few weeks ago, and that was fantastic too (unfortunately I dont know who the caterer was, but they had it at webb barn which allows outside caterers). I think the key is to serve normal, comfort foods, as opposed to weird vegetarian/vegan things (tofu, tempeh, etc. that you guys probably love but average wedding guests might not). that was my rule of thumb and it seemed to work. i had things like eggplant and pasta, risotto, etc., and at the vegan wedding i just attended they had some asian inspired dishes, and some pasta dishes, things like that. it was hearty and homey, so no one really noticed the lack of dairy or meat
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  • I'm a meat and potatos kind of girl (and a picky eater to boot), so I'd probably be starving at a vegan wedding. I understand this might be your groom's one request (so far!), but you really need to take the comfort of your guests into consideration. 

    It should be fairly easy to plan a mostly vegan menu, with a few non-vegan items for people who aren't vegans. 

    I unfortunately don't have any recommendations for caterers, but it can't hurt to email/call a few and ask if they'd be willing to do vegan and how much it would cost. 
  • I've been a strict ovo lacto vegetarian for 16 years, and my fiance LOVES vegetarian and vegan food. So do many of my close friends and family members. That being said, think of all the times you've been to functions and not had a vegan or vegetarian option. It's not fun, and you tend to feel uncomfortable, like your wants/needs are being left out. I TOTALLY understand the idealism behind it. TRUST ME. But I feel that people should be able to have options, especially if they are going out of their way to attend your wedding. Some people, even if they end up LOVING vegan food, will just be irritated from the get-go that they don't have the option for [email protected], and while your husband may be happy, you also want the people that are supporting you on your big day to be taken care of too. 

    On a side note: Have you thought about having a vegan rehearsal dinner? Plenty of awesome places in CT for that! That might be a nice compromise!

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  • I went to a vegan wedding a few months ago, they had it catered by A Pita Spot, it was Indian food but delicious. I am the pickiest eater in the world and I didn't even know!
  • I had an all-vegan wedding and I have a lot of thoughts on the issue. First, of course vegan food can be filling and delicious! It doesn't have to be a tofu and vegetable stir-fry. Vegans actually eat real food! I really recommend you check out and There are caterers and vendors listed on the site and tons of menu ideas at the Pinterest link. If people have their own prejudices about veganism, that's their problem. Just think if you were Jewish and throwing a Kosher wedding - Would everyone be offended that you served the food that you eat and believe in?

  • I think you could definitely do an all vegan wedding! As long as you hire a caterer that is well versed in vegan and vegetarian fare, you should be fine. I would guess that many of your guests would leave talking about how delicious the meal was and how they can't believe it was vegan! I believe our caterer (Emily's Catering) offers a vegan menu. I would contact them and see if you like their options. Good luck!!
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    [QUOTE]I went to a vegan wedding a few months ago, they had it catered by A Pita Spot, it was Indian food but delicious. I am the pickiest eater in the world and I didn't even know!
    Posted by rswan412[/QUOTE]

    <div>I live 1/4 mile from The Pita Spot....My favorite restaurant!!! It's actually Lebanese, not Indian, but amazing nonetheless! They are so vegetarian / vegan friendly. We go there at least once a week. I would imagine they do an awesome job catering!</div><div>
    </div><div>Laura </div>
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  • bad idea.
    DH and I are both vegetarians, and, so many ppl thanked us after the wedding for having several options. we did fish, chicken and veg option.
    Everyone was happy
    Our cake was vegan and everyonw loved it
  • Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! I realize that if you're unfamiliar with vegan food or have had a bad experience with it then the idea of a vegan wedding might sound terrible to you. But vegan food can be really delicious and filling in the hands of a good chef. That being said, the comfort and well-being of my guests is something that is important to me. I was already planning on not serving any tofu, tempeh, or seitan dishes since I know most people don't eat that or have never eaten that. I will talk to my fiancee about including dishes with milk and cheese. I'm certainly okay with that, but I know he definitely doesn't want any meat at the wedding.

    SmollenLove- Thanks for the links, I will definitely check those out!

    Thanks to everybody who suggested Emily's Catering, I will also look into that. And I'm glad to hear that some of you have either had or gone to an all vegan/vegetarian wedding and liked the food!

    We are still in the very, very early planning stages (we haven't even been engaged for a full week!) so I'm sure we'll figure something out  Smile
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