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Tell me about your reception site

Where are you (did you) having your reception at?
Why did you pick that place?
How was the entire experience with the site?

We are looking at Carrie Cerino's or the Medina Country Club... Any thoughts on these places?
~~December 3, 2011~~

Re: Tell me about your reception site

  • K ByteK Byte member
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    I didn't have my reception at Carrie Cerino's but I've been to another wedding there and eaten at the restaurant and had nothing but good experiences! I think the sort of "retro" decor there is super cool haha, plus the food is really good and I think they are pretty willing to work with you on prices.
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    Our reception is at the Holiday Inn in Strongsville. We wanted our reception at a hotel so that we didnt have to, nor our guests, drive home after the wedding if they choose not to. Julie has been really wonderful to work with. She also helped us get the most for what we were looking to spend. Our wedding is not until June 25, 2011, but have heard good things about them from vendors we've talked to.

    We live in North Royalton and looked at Carrie Cerino's. The big turn off from there is if you wanted an open bar, you have to pay per bottle. You wont know your alcohol bill until your reception is done with. Since my FI and I are paying for the entire wedding, we didnt want any surpirises, especially since we want to have everything paid off before our wedding day. We have an open bar at the Holiday Inn and it's built into our per person cost.

    Hope this helps and good luck!!
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    Thanks for the information! We are still looking at venues and haven't made any decisions yet. I'm just trying to find out what else is out there that won't break the bank :)
    ~~December 3, 2011~~
  • JKohioJKohio member
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    We considered Carrie Cerino's, but there was another bakery I wanted to use for the cake and there would have been an additional charge to NOT use CCs. We also really wanted a place where we could BYOB instead of buying from the hall itself. CC does have great entrees though. I've attended a couple showers there and eaten in their restaurant. Definitely top notch fare!

    For our reception, we used the Belarusan American Community Center in Strongsville. It was the best facility we looked at. (Others we checked out include Carrie Cerino's, Michaud's, Mapleside, Skyview Lodge and a couple halls in northern Parma) We liked several things about the Belarusan right away. You supply your own alcohol (saves big $$). They can even accommodate kegs, if you are going that route. The price is a wonderful value. You get a lot for your money. Colored linens (your choice) included, no cake cutting fee and you can use any baker, excellent quality food (Marge's Lemon Chicken is fantastic!), basic decor included, VERY competent staff, etc. They even let us borrow their display mirrors (no charge) for our centerpieces. Also, they only hold one event at a time, so no people from other parties wandering into yours. It's handicapped accessible -- no steps at all -- bonus for any elderly guests you may have. The hall holds up to 300 if you use the whole thing, including side room. We had 175 in the main room and it worked out well.

    A few pics in my bio, and link to their web site, too.
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  • Lauren1102Lauren1102 member
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    We're looking into a place called Diamond Event in Brunswick on Pearl rd. We haven't booked anything yet, we're waiting until after the holidays. I've heard good reviews about it and looked really pretty inside.  It used to be a place called Sally's.

    Good luck! Smile

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    We're having our ceremony and reception at Inn Walden in Aurora, OH.
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    I looked at Diamond Event's website. Their prices seem almost too good to be true!
    ~~December 3, 2011~~
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    Diamond Event in Brunswick on Pearl Rd....Be careful with this facility. In talking to a friend of a friend when we were doing our research for our venue that person had quit working there as they did not like their practices. She said they would reuse food from one event to another. Maybe that is how they keep their prices low?

  • starshine985starshine985 member
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    I had my reception at Carrie Cerino's and couldn't be happier!!  Carmen (the owner) was great to work with and really cared about what we wanted.  Throughout the night, he was constantly checking to make sure the food was good, things were running smoothly, etc.  It may cost extra to use a different bakery for your cake, but Carrie Cerino's makes GREAT cakes.  We had the top tier a year later and it was still just as good as the wedding day.  As far the bar goes, it is true that you pay per bottle; however, you are only charged for USED bottles -- so you're really not paying anymore than you would at another location that puts the charge in the "per head" price.  Also, if they open a bottle but don't finish it, you get to take it home.

    Their dinner selections are great -- and very tasty!  You can also go off the menu if you have a special request.  I love that they offer buffet style or plated options.  Personally, I can't stand buffet style dinners at weddings, so we went with the plated meals.  We chose two entrees for people to choose from and then they provided pasta on the side family style (i.e. all you can eat)!  This was great for us because some people don't get full from one steak or chicken, so they could just keep eating all the pasta they wanted! 

    They also provide dessert and coffee at the end of the night and the desserts are amazing.  I couldn't believe how many they had!! 

    I also chose Carrie Cerino's for the ambiance and set-up.  It was the only place I could find that had exactly what I wanted.  As soon as I saw the room, I knew it was "the one" (sounds corny, I know... but true!).  They did, however, renovate the ballroom soon after our wedding, so I have no idea what it looks like today.

    I could go on all day... but clearly, I LOVED this location and I'm so glad that I chose to have my wedding there!!
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    Starshine... It sounds like you really had a great experience! I'm going to go check it out soon. Everyone talks so highly about that Carrie Cerinos.
    ~~December 3, 2011~~
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    We used Ahern catering at the Irish Heritage Center (now Ahern Banquet Center) in Avon Lake.   Everything was great.   The hall was just renovated (last year at this time), including the stage,  bar, what used to be a coat room is now a sitting room.  One of my cousins was mildly disappointed that she had already booked her wedding elsewhere once she found out it was renovated. Lucy and Tony were great and easy to work with.  We didn't have any problems whatsoever.  Tony (the owner) even gave us tips on how to save money!   They now have a liquor license,  so you have to buy their alcohol package if you are at the IHC.  My vegetarian friends are still commenting on how good their meal was nearly 5 months later.   In addition, they had kids meals available if we wanted them- of chicken fingers and mac & cheese.  They even made a very special meal for one of my bridesmaids who has major dietary restrictions.   In addition, I've been to 3 events catered by Ahern at St. Clarence in the past year, and all were fantastic as well.

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    I looked into Carrie Cerino's and almost chose it before choosing Medina Country Club!!

    We chose Medina becuase we felt that the cost just could not be beat for what you are getting. The view is beautiful there and there are some wonderful places to take photos. We did a tasting there and the food was amazing!!

    It really depends on what type of experience you are looking for. Medina CC and Carrie Cerino's are 2 completely different types of places, one being a country club and one being a restaurant/party center. Just keep that in mind when deciding.

    Happy Planning :)
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  • HarvestKarmaHarvestKarma member
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    We're going with Michaud's in Strongsville.

    Our experience with them has been nothing but positive.  I went into the appointment thinking that I wouldn't like the place because it's so big but it's SO BEAUTIFUL and they have outstanding service--good food and prices too.  Our ceremony will be outside in their courtyard which is just gorgeous.  Plus, we can bring in our own alcohol so we can get exactly what we want to serve.
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    We are having our reception at Holy Spirit in Parma.  They use Wal-tams catering and have been voted number 1 in catering by  fox cleveland for the last 3 yrs.  You purchase your own alcohol which saves you a ton of money!  They have a bridal show in Feb.  I saw it decorated for a wedding and fell in love.  So much is included in the price with them... colored linens, center pieces, cake cutting, deserts.  They also offer family style dinner with 3 entress, which I love because I am not fond of buffet style.  I would definitely look into them .  Wally has been great to work with so far.  Also, they have a beautiful outside courtyard with a gazebo. Another big thing that I was concerned with when picking our location was how the bar was set up.  Theres is right in the same room.  Some places that we looked at had the bar in a seperate room.  I feel that guests would go to the bar and sort of disappear rather than still be in the same room and a part of the party. 
    Good luck!
  • juliemm79juliemm79 member
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    Thanks for you input on Ahern's. We are using them at St Clarence this coming May 29th! We have heard all positive reviews about the food but have to admit that we were a little wary regarding how afforadable they are! What food did you guys choose? We have gone to a few tastings so far. Thanks for your help! 
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    I used Pine Ridge Country Club in Willoughby. The price was good and we had a great experience. Plus it was beautiful. We had a whole room of desserts at the end of the night. If you choose family style you get the leftovers which is an added bonus since you paid for it. We got to enjoy it again the next day. Sounds like you have a lot of good suggestions already though. This was the hardest thing because you are spending the most money here. Good luck with your research. I have a vendor review on my website link.

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