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Rhode Island

Pictures of Whole Food Flowers

I am thinking of using whole food for my flowers and was hoping people might have pictures to share of their wedding flowers. 

Thank You!

Re: Pictures of Whole Food Flowers

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    If you want to PM me your email, I can email you a few pictures of my bouquet Smile   FWIW I loved working with whole foods and the flowers were exactly what I wanted for a really good price!

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    I don't have pro pics back yet, but here are some from family pics. I know the trend is for giant bouquets that you can barely get your hand around, but I actually asked for a smaller bouquet. And the best part? It was $25! It was more yellow/orange than I wanted (colors were navy and copper) but it did the job. Also, I should note that they did this with two days' notice because of another flower disaster I had.

    Here's Bryan's bout. I think it was either $5 or $8. It held up all day. (That handkerchief is from his late grandmother's wedding dress! So sweet.)

    Here's the clutch for the moms. Can't remember the price exactly but I got my bouquet, two clutches, a wrist corsage for his Nana and three bouts for $94.

    Again, because of my emergency situation, I chose from what was in stock, but they can order anything for you. They had ordered these stunning dark blue hydrangeas for another wedding that weekend.

    ETA: They also lasted a really long time. Mine was out of water for about 36 hours when I cut off the ends and plopped it in a vase and it came back to life and lasted for nearly two weeks before I hung it up to dry. Here it is about a week and a half after the wedding in a crappy iPhone pic.

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