Need color/theme ideas and advice for Oct 23 wedding :/

Hi ladies! I need some advice/ideas...

Let start off by saying, in may we took a trip to sf to look for wedding shoes ect., (my original colors were teal blue, champagne and ivory.) my bridesmaids purchased their shoes

I was having a hard time with the teal and finally settled on royal blue (horizon or cobalt), and golden (from David bridal it matches the shoes) and ivory. However looking for inspiration boards with these colors, I found royalblue and yellow are amazing. Fiancé says yellow OR champagne. They don't go together. 

So I guess I'm asking does the light gold royal blue and yellow go? Or absolutely not? I won't ask my bm to buy different shoes. I was also thinking of blue, champagne and a jewel tone purple, and go with a royal theme, but I'm pretty broke. I'm curious to know if a royal theme is obtainable on a budget and if so, any ideas for decor or invites?? This is for a fall wedding. Sorry ladies I'm all over the place lol. Wedding planning is hard especially when ur bm are planning ur sisters wedding also and my two year old is teething. And fiancé is no help lol. Any idea or advice welcome :) 

Re: Need color/theme ideas and advice for Oct 23 wedding :/

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