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Modern Hotel Venues in NYC?

Hey all,

my bf/fiance and I are planning our Nov 2011 wedding from San Francisco currently, will be back in the city in a couple weeks, but was wondering if anyone had experience with the following venues:

W Hotel Union Square
W Hotel NY-Downtown
Ink 48
Studio Square

Thanks for your help!!

Re: Modern Hotel Venues in NYC?

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    If it's the Studio Square that's listed in Astoria, it's not a hotel.  It's attached to a beer garden in Queens and is pretty cool, BUT, it's a very cold, empty space.  I don't think there is a view of NYC either. 

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    I don't think W Hotel in Union Sq. was any of my friends' favorites but the W Hotel in Times Square was much better. I came across 60 Thompson and Dream Hotel, they got modern vibe going but I hadn't contacted them yet. I heard good reviews about the The Bowery Hotel too.
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    Yeah, sorry thanks. I knew it wasn't a hotel, but it was just one of the other venues on the list. Thanks for your help!
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    I respectfully disagree. Studio Square is a loft, but is by no means a cold, empty space.  It is actually one of the few  lofts that I've seen that already contain some touches of "wedding". One room is all white with a Gorgeous built in bar, another has dark wood touches at the bar. 

    They just redid the roof top and it is beautifully landscaped with a wooden trellis, pretty lamposts and another built in bar.  Both the roof and the lofts have an Amazing view of the NYC landscape.  

    Definitely, check  them out (But they ARE pricey!)

    Good luck!

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