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Questions that need to be asked

With so many DJs wanting our money, we're running out of good questions to figure out which would be better.

What was the questions that help you choice your DJ?
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Re: Questions that need to be asked

  • I'm doing a band, so I don't have much advice... BUT you might try checking out your local boards to the left
    and they will probably have some good recommendations. Good luck!
  • The big thing for us was actually meeting the Dj that would do the wedding. If he has the personality to fit your style of wedding, then I think that's super important. If he's kind of shy and you want him to help lead the activities/events, then it probably won't go well. We wanted someone upbeat, but not fake and who was successful in getting everyone to have a good time. =)

    Of course besides budget and make sure that they have a back up in case something happens...
  • We chose on based on the way we "clicked". I know that sounds a little weird, but there was 3 services that were all charging about the same and all had x-amount of experience. The one we chose worked with me and my mother (who can be hard to please) really well. I also think it is a good idea to check your local boards to see who has good reviews in the area.
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