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Samuel's or Salvatore's???

I must be the most indecisive bride ever...  I have been engaged since labor day and i just cannot settle on a date or a place just yet :( 
Right now i have narrowed it down to Samuels or Salvatore’s?  I was curious to see which place my fellow knoties would choose.  I plan to get married in the winter off season.  If we have our reception at Salvatore’s on a Friday, they will give us a 10% discount.  But if we choose Samuels we can have either a Friday or Sat and they discount $7 off per person?  The price is pretty close so that is not a deciding factor.

Any thought would be appreciated.  Thanks a bunch!!!

Re: Samuel's or Salvatore's???

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    We're having ours at Salvatore's.  I looked at Samuel's and it was nice.  I just didn't like how close the rooms were...I know the rooms are close at Salvatore's, too.  It just seems a little more spread out with their entrances and stuff.  I also thought Samuels has a funky smell.  Maybe it was just me. =]
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  • Bride2012xxooBride2012xxoo member
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    SALVATORES hands down.  Samules is a bride facotry!  Nice ring!!!!!!
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  • degreadegrea member
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    Both are excellent choices. What room would you have in Sameuls? If it in upstairs than I vote Samuels. If not than Salavotires. I voted Salavtores above as FYI!

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  • jnpiwowarczykjnpiwowarczyk member
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    Samuel's! Im having mine there and have been to 4 other weddings over there, its always been wonderful service & awesome food! Salvatores decor is just a bit too over top for me.
  • spenet1spenet1 member
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    I've only been to Salvatore's for a holiday party, and I'm not gonna lie-- the place is god awful gawdy IMO, but the BEST food. I walked in there thinking "Omg I can't believe I'm in a place like this. I'm so embarrassed." and walked out full as could be and wishing the night could go on. So Salvatore's has my vote.
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    The newer part of Salvatore's is nothing like the older.  It's much more classy.  We are having our wedding in one of the new rooms.  It is def. way over the top at Christmas time, though!!
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    to clarify would be helpful indeed  if its Russel's the new one I would go there over the old Salvatore's the food is so delicious and much nicer(however the atmosphere doesnt really say weddding- its more like anniversary party lol)
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    Thanks Ladies... im still going to sit on it for a coupe more days.  I promised my family i would give it another week at tops!!!  Ugh i will be so happy when i get this out of the way!!

    And i agree you ring is Soooo pretty :)
  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    Think about what is important to you.  Our family wants to bring italian cookies, and be sure to have our own personal touch and hand in the planning. My FI and I visited both places and talked to the coordinators and finally decided on Salvatores.  Here's what we experienced during our visits.

    Samuels: Pretty place. Ample parking. good size rooms, and they will give you outdoor patio access too. The gazebo is great to hold the ceremony or take pics.  Samuels is VERY "we'll take care of it" and leaves very few decisions to you. I asked if I could bring pictures of place settings to show them how I want the table set, and the woman said "oh you wont have to worry about that. we'll take care of it"  (but what if I WANT to worry about it!?)  If you are a bride that wants a lot of say/control over what happens, this might not work.  The deciding factor for us was that samuels books all 6 of their rooms to start at the same time (with 1 set of bathrooms), so that there would be a HUGE 'after dinner rush' to the bathrooms, and they also reserve the right to move your room based on attendance.  They also made you go with their house DJ.  Bottom line, a very pretty place, perfect for a bride who wants everything done with no worries to her.

    Salvatores: A bit more gaudy.  Good size rooms, pretty photo spots.  Has a 'we'll take care of it' attitude, but with your touches.  They'll let me bring in pics of the table setting to know where to put the favors, centerpieces, etc.  If you go with CJ sound as your DJ (we didn't), they can hook right into the ceiling speakers.  I'm not sure how flexible the dinner packages will be, but Salvatores was the better option for us.

    I've been to events at both - the food is good at either place.
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