November 2013 Weddings

Nov 2013 Brides!!!!

Our weddings are ALMOST A YEAR AWAY!!!! Can you believe it??

Are you excited?? I know I am!!! When you see the countdown on TheKnot when you log in, how excited are you?? What are you excited about the most?

I'm excited for everything, but mostly...*blushes* When my Future Husband sees me in my dress for the first time and walking down the aisle...I can't wait to see the look on his face that says " are so beautiful!" :):):) least that what i *HOPE* he thinks!! hahahaha

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Re: Nov 2013 Brides!!!!

  • I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by.. I've been engaged since April and have been telling myself "Oh it's a year and a half away," etc.,  but now that it's September... it's getting so much closer :):):) 

    I'm mostly excited about getting to call him my hubby afterwards :) just the whole day really!

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • Yay November 2013 Brides! I got engaged in January so I've been waiting patiently to start planning! Now we have the venue booked (Ceremony and Reception) and the photographer. And on Saturday I found my dress!!! I won't be ordering until the end of the year but I can't wait! I am SO excited for November 2013! It's going to be weird but amazing to call FI hubby! I sometimes still say BF until people correct me lol!
  • I think I'll be most excited just to have it finally happen- we will have been engaged for 2 years by the time we get married.


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  • same here, Button!! :D
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  • This makes me feel better. I feel like I'm the only one who has an engagement longer than a year. Eep!!!

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  • rajahmdrajahmd Galifrey member
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    I too will have been engaged about two years by the time our wedding rolls around.  We've got most of our planning done though, so there's not much left for us to do. Just a matter of watching time pass/fly by.  Hopefully it goes by fast!
  • Our four year anniversary will be rolling around by the wedding date. We're chomping at the bit!
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    By the time our wedding hits, it will be 2 1/2 years of engagement for us.  I almost win!  hahah

    I can't wait for the "ehrmagerd you've been engaged foreverrrrr!" and "why are you waiting so long?!?" and "wow...that's a really long engagement" to just. stop.

    People love giving their opinions though.  I kindly remind them that we bought a house a few months after getting engaged.  That's a 30-year commitment, right there!  Don't worry, FI & I are perfectly happy and staying put right where we are with each other!  We wanted a fall wedding and didn't want to be rushed doing it November of this year on top of the stressors of being new homeowners & adjusting as co-habitation partners.  That was a ride all on its own!
  • November 2013 can't come fast enough!  Have any of you started any serious planning?
  • I'm about to send the checks out to my photographer and DJ! :D:D ehrmagerd. ;) hahah (couldnt help myself)

    I got an email from yesterday saying "only 14 months away!!!" I hesitated...thought about it....and realized yesterday was the 12th! AHHH!
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  • I am very excited!! I booked our wedding venue and found my DRESS!!!  Still lots of things to do though. I am shopping for photographer and flowers!
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