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need an opinion on this fascinator/veil

hey so i found this on ebay, includes veil w 2 combs attached and the fascinator of feathers. i need some other ladies opinions!

thanks in advance!
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Re: need an opinion on this fascinator/veil

  • i think the veil is really nice but too many feathers (or too big of a feather) for my taste.

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  • ya i keep going back and forth on it. i really prefer the feathers arranged in a small flower shape maybe w a sparkly clip in the center. this one is very much a statement piece but i feel like it would attract almost too much attention......but stumbled across this one on ebay and its such a gooooooooood deal lol. time to take a break i am making myself crazy! thanks for the feedback!
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  • Have you looked on etsy.com? Some good deals on there too.
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  • The veil length is very pretty, and I actually don't think the feather is too big. My fascinator is on the large size, though, so I guess I like statement pieces. If you're worried about it being too much or if you like another style more, I would keep looking.
  • I agree that the feathers are a little big for my taste.  I also second Etsy.  I bookmarked http://www.etsy.com/shop/EMbridal a while ago.  It seems to have some pretty cool feather fascinators.  

  • I like the veil but I'm not crazy about the feather.
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  • I personally like how big the feathers are!  I think the whole piece is great!

    Though check out some etsy sellers for other ideas if you're not 100%.

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  • I like it but I would STRONGLY encourage you to try some on in person before ordering one. I tried on SO many birdcage veils and, surprisingly, it was a lot harder to find one that looked good on me than I thought.

    Just my advice =)
  • definitely true. i went dress shopping last weekend for the 1st time and tried on a veil in the retro birdcage style. luckily it looked great and worked perfectly with the dress i fell in love with.
    it was actually a silver headban with a little piece of netting and some faux flowers attached to it.
    it was simple, no fuss, no combs. i plan on going to joanns or michaels soon to see if they have diy supplies :)

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