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Outdoor wedding - chairs

our wedding is at a public park...it is my fav spot in the city and I've seen MANY people take wedding pictures there but never a wedding.  we reserved the park for our wedding day for 2hours.  we can not have tents nor can we anticipate having electrical outlets (they have them but if a circuit blows there is no one to fix it the day of the wedding)  when we asked them about chairs and vendors, they said whoever and how ever you choose.  reception is a block north...so that is the background...

my question is do I contact chair rental companies with the park dimensions and a "seating chart" prepared or just let them handle putting x # of chairs in the space?  (every guest will have a chair) 

I ask because of the way the park is set up most people would think it would be logical to have the guests sit on the grass and face the east.  but probably because I am difficult, I want everyone to sit like on the paver thing and face the west.  there is a really pretty arch there and I want to walk through and out of the arch. 

thansk for your opinions!!!

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