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Hotel Room Blocks in Newport - Hyatt?

Hello Newport Brides,

Are any of you blocking rooms at the Hyatt for your wedding?  We are getting married at Belle Mer (right next door) so the Hyatt is conveinent, however in order to do a room block you must host a private event there (ugh).  We could do our welcome reception/rehearsal dinner there but I'm not a big fan of any of their event spaces.  The outdoor spaces are not that nice - has anyone seen that dock OMG, shoddy.  And then the indoor spaces are just stuff ballrooms and most don't have windows :(

Where else are people doing blocks?  Is the Hyatt really worth it?  They seem to have more reasonable prices than the other hotels in the area for our guests.

Re: Hotel Room Blocks in Newport - Hyatt?

  • You need to have a private event there? Really? I had a friend who got married at Ocean Cliff in November and her blocks were at Hyatt and Marriott. Her Rehearsal dinner and brunch were both at different places so I'm not sure about that rule - does it say that on a contract somewhere? It is very convenient for guests - but depending on what time of year it could be expensive. We looked into it for our September wedding and the rooms would have been too much for our guests - about 400 per night! Same with the Viking Hotel. We didn't look into Marriott. We are having our reception in Middletown - and our wedding is the Boat Show weekend next year so we didn't really look into hotels right in Newport that much. Our Middletown hotel blocks have been giving us a hard time so I won't even give you the names! haha. I couldn't book Hampton Inn - they were full - but my mom booked her room there on her own and hasn't had a problem if that helps you at all.
  • Yeah, they are saying you have to have a private event there.  Booooo.  I think we are getting married on the same weekend - 9/14/12!  That's the weekend of the Boat Show so alot of hotels are getting booked up in the Newport area.  Hyatt is one of the cheapest - if you can believe it or not.  All the other places are much more.  
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    I was a Belle Mer bride and we had a hotel block at the Hyatt.  We also had to host and event which I think is standard there for hotel blocks in the summer/peak season.  We had a welcome reception for all of our guests with cocktails and apps on the dock the night before our wedding.  When did you see it?  They power wash it and it looks much better in the summer than it would this time of year plus it is a pretty water view.  We had our florist decorate with palm trees and we had tropical centerpieces which really made it look pretty nice. We also had a steel drum player which was a big hit.   It definitely needs some dressing up but I wouldn't call it shoddy. 

    You can see some pictures from that party in this album.  They aren't the greatest but you can see a little bit of the deck: deleted link for privacy
  • Oh maybe it is during the peak season you need to host an event there like PP said. my friend's wedding was in November so considered off-season. I am 9/14/12 too!! congratulations!! :) I booked 4 hotels in the Middletown area and wanted to do the Hampton Inn too and they were full already :( I believe you about the cheaper hotels though - for my kinda crappy hotel across the street from my venue- it's like 220 for the Friday night - couldn't believe it! Belle Mer is beautiful - congrats again - are you in the Main part or the Island house?
  • I should hae also added that I think that for a wedding at Belle Mer, the Hyatt is the "only" place to stay.  It is so convenient for you and for your guests.  We offered three hotel blocks (Hyatt, Newport Beach Hotel & Suites and Quality Inn) and everyone stayed at the Hyatt after hearing how convenient it was.  Also, the Hyatt is a resort which provides a lot of on-site activities for your guests.  Everyone played volleyball, football, ping pong, etc. and hung out by the pool.  It was great because we all got to spend so much time together during the weekend.  Another benefit is that you don't need transportation for your guests since everyone can just walk back to the hotel after the wedding.  We even had an after party in the lobby and on the back deck which was great.  While being required to host an on-site event is annoying, I think it is worth it for the location of the Hyatt for a Belle Mer wedding.

    By the way, our wedding was perfect.  I can't say enough good things about Belle Mer.  Enjoy!!
  • @ URIsweets- yay I found my wedding twin! Congrats to you as well. Where are you getting married? It seems like our weekend is going to be pretty crazy with the boat show. Sooo many hotels are already almost at capacity. At least all the boats will be nice as a background for our pics :) I'm getting married at the Salon. We are having the ceremony there as well. I can't wait! Btw do you have any florist recommendations? I am meeting with Stoneblossom next month but like to meet with a few others as well. Congrats again!!!
  • @SummerBos - thank you so much for all the info and congrats on your wedding! You definitely are making me feel better :). I just went this weekend to check everything out at the hotel. I know it being December it is looking completely weathered but my wedding will be in Sept at the end of the season so I need to keep that in mind. Your pictures were really helpful! The steel drum sounds like a fun idea too! All good points and that is exactly why I love the Hyatt - convenience, activities, pool, etc. Perfect for our guests. How was the food? We want to do the same welcome reception for our guests. We were thinking of doing like a 7-9pm ish. Did you do a rehearsal dinner for your wedding party as well? Did you do a morning after brunch as well? What did you think of the suites at the hotel? They seemed to be a little on the small side so I was wondering if it will get tight getting ready with the BMs and fam. The experience with Belle Mer has been wonderful. I am working with Emily and she is fabulous! Who did you work with?
  • tclopes - we didn't have a formal rehearsal since we only had a MOH and BM.  We went out two nights before our wedding with our immediate family at the Mooring and then we met up with the guests who were already in Newport and went on a sunset harbor boat ride.  Almost all of our guests were there the day before so they were all at the welcome reception which I think we held from 6-8pm. We didn't want to go too late because we weren't providing a full dinner.  Some people then went out after that (I went to bed!).  The food was good.  They had a great selection of appetizers and we just picked things that were good passed and then did a crudite display.  We also had a full open bar for those two hours.  We did not do a morning after brunch.

    You are right, the rooms are on the smaller side.  We were planning to have a lighthouse suite to get ready in but after seeing them i was afraid that there wouldn't be enough natural light.  We ended up staying in the Newport suite which had one whole wall of windows.  There was a living room and half bath on the first floor and then a bedroom and full bath on the second floor.  I stayed there the first two nights with my mom, stepdad and sister (my MOH) and then my husband and I stayed there our wedding night.  We had plenty of room to get ready but like I said i didn't have a biig wedding party.  How many girls would be getting ready with you?

    I worked with Carrie at Belle Mer and she was awesome.  Are you getting married in the Island House or the Salon?  We got married in the Island House July 4, 2010 and had around 80 guests.  It was perfect!
  • Ok good to know! I have 4 BMs so a little on the smaller side. Most of our guests will be out of town so we wanted to host a welcome reception for everyone. We thought about the rehearsal dinner as well but I feel like we would be rushed. So I think we are going to go heavy on the food with a full bar. Plus I like the idea of it being more social. With a RD you are mostly at your table and can't really mingle too much. I think I looked at the lighthouse suite. I will need to ask about the Newport suite. Very good point about the lighting. I totally didn't think of that. I am getting married in the Salon on 9/14/12. About 130 guests. Any advice, recommendations, etc? :)
  • I booked my room block at the Hyatt, but didn't have to do an event, but my wedding is May 4th, so I think it's off-season, and it's a Friday, so the room rate was lower than if I had to book a Saturday block.
  • @tclopes - yay for date twin! I think there is 1 other girl I've found that is also 9/14 but I can't think of who it is now. we are getting married at our church in Kingston - right by URI and then our reception is at Atlantic Beach Club in Middletown - a little away from downtown Newport, but yes still a busy weekend for sure! The hotels are filling up fast. My MOH booked her room last week and she said got one of the last rooms! The only rooms left in the hotels are the ones I blocked off. SO glad I did it early - did you do your save the dates yet? We sent them in Nov just b/c SO many ppl are from OOT. Belle Mer is gorgeous - I am hoping we have GREAT weather :) As far as florists, I LOVE mine. I am using The Secret Garden over in Jamestown - not sure how familiar you are with RI - but it's the town right over the bridge from Newport. A young guy owns it and is the floral designer. His work is fantastic and is very nice and knowledgable. He is very familiar with Middletown and Newport venues.
  • @tclopes - I had my reception at Regatta Place, right across Goat Island! For my florist I used Carlone's in Portsmouth. She is really sweet, easy to work with, fun, and not at all pricey! She'll deliver to many different locations on the day-of which is key, and she only does one wedding a day so she's all yours! I think she was my favorite vendor, actually.
    Good luck!
    By the way, the room blocks was the second hardest thing I had to deal with, and I used the Newport Harbor Hotel. It's right across the water from Regatta Place. We provided taxi shuttle service to and from the hotel and Regatta Place for our guests.
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  • dberrett - I agree, hotel blocks have been the WORST! if it's not one thing with them it's the other. I am glad I booked them so far in advance though. My MOH called the other day and the only rooms left in all 4 hotels I booked are the rooms I blocked! My mom booked a different hotel out of the block (Hampton Inn - they wouldn't let me do a block but she called on her own) and I'm glad she did! everything is booking up like crazy!
  • @URIsweets - yes this room block thing is absolutely crazy!  I think we are going to move forward with the Hyatt.  They are the most convienent (right next door so I don't have to worry about people drinking & driving), one of the better priced, and offer alot for our guests.  I wasn't too happy about the dock, but I think after hearing from one of the other girls it's not so bad.  Definitely have to add some decor though!

    We are going to send our STDs out in early February.  I was waiting for after the holidays so people won't be hectic and won't forgot to book their room!  When did you send your STDs?  Have people started to book their rooms yet?  I hope my guests do and don't wait until the last minute. 

    I will definitely check out your florist - thank you so much!

    Btw, we ARE going to have GORGEOUS, WARM & SUNNY weather Laughing
  • yes, the room blocks are crazy. good for you for making a decision about the Hyatt. I have found that has been tough for me with any vendor through out this whole process- making a decision! it's hard! I agree that the Hyatt will be the best choice for your guests. 2 of my hotels are within walking distance and we are doing a shuttle for the others. they are close - less than 10 mins  - but I don't want people to worry.

    We sent out STDs mid-November. Virtually our entire guest list is OOT and with the busy weekend - we didn't want to wait. We got engaged late August and I started working on hotel blocks and STDs right away. A lot of people have booked their rooms already, from what I know. My MOH called around to book her own room and things were filling up. I know that's the idea - I just hope everyone gets their room! My MOH actually ended up with a room with 2 double beds and her and her boyfriend are going to stay with another couple and they are all friends. Not sure how the boyfriends feel about that, but... :) at least everyone has a space! My mom actually booked the Hampton Inn on her own (they were full for blocks, FYI) and I'm glad she did because she brought my whole family there, who are coming in from CT, so it frees up the blocks for FI's family coming in from NJ who don't know the area as well.

    Yes, check out the florist and let me know if you have any questions. His name is David and is very nice. He will do a consultation with you and then get you the quote after. I am not sure if you are on a budget but he works with it if you are. His work is great. Very detailed and the shop is really cute!

    I LOVE your positive vibes about the weather!!!! It WILL be fantastic!

    Who are you using for Photographer? We are trying to get that one nailed down after the holidays. We will have gone on 7 apmts by the time we make a decision! What about some of your other vendors? Some days I feel so behind on planning- but this time of year is so busy. 9/14 will be here before we know it! can't wait!
  • tclopes - I was just reviewing my contract earlier tonight with the florist and I asked about his availability for another wedding on the 14th. Unfortunately, he said he only does one wedding per day and since our wedding has multiple stops there isn't any way he can do another one :( I'm really sorry! He does a great job. I would recommend Carlone's as someone else said. I know you are meeting with Stoneblossom - who are fabulous - but wayyyy out of my budget. Flowers by Semia may be another good choice for you - but again a little pricey. I would also recommend Broadway Florist in Newport. all good choices. Sorry again!
  • I checked out Broadway Florist for my wedding. The guy was very creative and chatty, but I didn't leave there with a positive feeling. In fact, he tried to talk me out of my wine theme that I wanted! He felt that since our reception was at Regatta Place on the water it should be all beach/yacht stuff. I've been a sailor my whole life, plus I feel it isn't right for me, so I really resented him trying to talk me out of what I wanted. Then his quote came in, and it was ridiculously high, and we had no idea what we were getting for it! He spoke mostly in theoreticals... But I have heard he's very creative and does lovely work. We went with Carlone's. She worked with my idea and totally ran with it, plus she was half the price of Broadway! I'm not exagerating. And she delivered to 3 different places.
    This is just my experience, mind you, you might like Broadway! It just wasn't in our budget.

    We're selling some things left from our wedding! http://weddinggoodsforsale.weebly.com/ Visit The Nest! Visit The Nest! Anniversary
  • I have heard that about Paul @ Broadway. He runs hot and cold. Some people like him or don't. Sorry you had that experience though - he shouldn't have tried to talk you out of anything! One thing I've learned is that you need vendors that will work with you, not against you! That is a reason we didn't use a photographer we really loved- loved her work but wouldn't really work with us on the pricing or the album options. I was happy when she sent us an e-mail that said she booked someone else!
  • hi girls!  so many great questions on this blog!  I'm excited!

    @URIsweets - you are totally on the ball with everything!  I wouldn't worry about about being behind on anything!  You seem really well organized.  Glad the room blocks are working out for you.  That and the guest list seem to be the most frustrating thus far. 

    Florist - no worries at all.  I was thinking about checking out Flowers by Semina and Green Lion as well.  I'm like you, definitely want to love their work and be able to get a good feel to be able to work together.  That's the most important to me.  I've heard the same feedback about Broadway Florist!  I hear he really doesn't tend to listen to you and even sometimes forgets what you want and just does his own thing.  I also heard that he is always doing such similar work - which tells me his creativity is lacking and he really isn't listening.

    Photographer - we are using Person + Killian.  They are out of Boston.  However I've heard great things about Snap Photography and Imagemakers.  My brother used Imagemakers and their wedding. They had beautiful pictures. I didn't go with them b/c I love P+K, but they would have definitely been my second choice is they weren't available to do my wedding. Check out their website below.


    For my other vendors - I am using Rentals Unlimited for all my linens, Papersource for our wedding stationery, and Nightshift if our band.

    What about you?

    I'm also looking for a place to do cupcakes - instead of a cake.  Do you know of any vendors in the Newport area?  I have a few vendors in the Boston area but would rather have someone closer.

  • tclopes - I am trying to stay organized! I think I'm starting already to drive myself a little crazy though, with all my to-do lists. I make tons, constantly haha!

    If you like Stoneblossom's work -which is phenomenal - then you will like Semia's - it's the same scale - grand, lush and beautiful. Another similar one that comes to mind as I'm typing is Sayles Livingston. I believe they are in Portsmouth or Tiverton. Similar work from my research.

    Thanks for the info on your other vendors. I always like to see who others are using just to see and get ideas. We have meetings with 4 photographers in January and have our stationary place picked out - we are using New England Invitations which is in East Greenwich and I am getting a referral to Felicia's Perfect Setting for our rentals of linens. I am not sure where they are located though.

    I DO have a rec for the cupcakes because I wanted them too :) We are using Sweet Indulgence which is actually in Warwick. Kerri - the owner is so nice and her work is fantastic. I have had a LOT of cupcakes from all over and hers are by far the best. FI and I went to a wedding at Oceancliff in Nov and she was there. We knew we wanted to contact her so we sampled some that night. We met her and booked her the next week! Nothing but raves for her. I am not sure if she does 2 weddings the same day- I'm pretty sure she does but since she makes everything fresh the day of - I would just make sure.
  • @tclopes - Cupcake Charlies!!!! They're on Thames Street in Newport and so, so yummy! We used them for our cake pops in our welcome bags. Or our cake vendor also does yummy cupcakes - It's My Party. She's on Williams Street in Newport, near the Tennis Hall of Fame. Her cake was amazing - all of my guests RAVED about the cake! Check them both out and do a price/taste comparison - that was my husband's favorite part of this whole process! :-)
    We're selling some things left from our wedding! http://weddinggoodsforsale.weebly.com/ Visit The Nest! Visit The Nest! Anniversary
  • Ohhhh these cupcakes are awesome at both Sweet Indulgence and Cupcake Charlies!  I am going to give them both a call today to chat about wedding options.  Thanks so much for the recommendation.  Now I'm hungry lol. 

    And good call on the florists.  I will defintiely look into both! 

    Have you girls gotten your dress?
  • got the dress and LOVE it! I went to only 2 shops and got it at the 2nd shop. it's Tara Keely and Helene's in East Prov, RI where I got it is the only RI shop to carry that line. I wasn't even looking for a specific designer but once I put it on I didn't try any others. It will come in about end of May - early June. I did have a nightmare that it came in earlier though and I had gained a ton of weight and couldn't zip it!
  • OMG you are too funny!  Nightmares lol.

    I got my dress too last month.  It was the first one I tried on!  And it was totally like a say yes to the dress (obessed with that show btw) moment where I cried.  I can't wait for it to come in.  Sometimes I just want to go to the store and try it on just for fun!

    Btw, I called Sweet Indulgence!  They were super nice and I'm going to try and visit their store in the next coming weeks. 
  • I got it last month too. I was worried it would be too late but they said it was fine 0 just good I didn't come any later. I got it right before Thanksgiving. I didn't have that moment right away because it was different than what I thought I wanted - but the longer I was in it - the more I loved it. It just feels bridal to me - and like a real gown - not just a dress, if that makes sense. not that other dresses aren't beautiful! so glad you called sweet indulgence - you won't be disappointed! cupcake charlie's is good too  -a close 2nd :) GL!
  • I know exactly what you mean but feeling like a gown.  I tried on a bunch of other dresses as well, and don't get me wrong - they were absolutely beautiful gowns, but didn't feel bridal to me.  Like I would wear them to a special event, fundraiser or something rather. 

    I can't wait to have some of those cupcakes!!!  Did you see the peppermint candy apples - to die for!
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