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Due to the fact that my now ex-fiancee emptied out MY home and belonings and got an apt somewhere, emptied a joint bank account, stole my ring while I was sleeping claiming he was taking it in to be “sodered”, and wrote nasty letters and notes to all of our mutual friends and family a few weeks ago while I was at work the wedding will not be happening. My parents and I paid for EVRYTHING fro the wedding, so I am trying to recoup some of the losses. Now I have a ton of stuff to sell. My loss your gain I guess. My best contact email is [email protected] anyone is throwing together a wedding REALLY Quick my wedding and reception location Soaring Wings in Springfield NE is available on 6/9/12 from 6-midnight. It has covered and uncovered space available. The party room seats 120.  It is usually $1400. I would be willing to transfer the use for $250. If you need to know of a dirt cheap caterer I can give you that info as well.I believe I could transfer my officiant as well, his cost is $125Event or Day off Planner 13 1/3 hours of service, can be used on any available date,  Asking $400 or BO Forever Yours Bridal Gown current style #410108 size 16 (very flattering on a plus size girl like me) usually $700, never been out of the bag from the store, Asking $400 or BO Crinoline for under the dress, never worn Asking $40 Elbow length pearl edged veil, also never worn Asking $40 Headpiece, also never worn Asking $15   2 bridesmaids dresses from David's Bridal, never worn or altered style 83707 in clover green in size 4 and 6, it is the dress on the left in a softer green ASKING $100 or BOThe girls also have matching shoes, but not sure on sizes yet Asking $50 or BO$250 Salon Fusion Giftcard (Asking $200 or BO) $160 for Catering or treats at Garden Café ( Asking $120 or BO) $100 giftcard to Teez expires in October  (Asking $60) 6 giftcards for a tuxedo rentals (Asking $200) 5 private dance lessons and choreography ( first dance, father daughter dance, wedding party dances, mother son dance, and any other reception dances) ususally costs $250  (Asking $150) A size 14 titanium ring  (Best Offer) 150 Masterpiece China like dinner plates and 150  Masterpiece China like cake plates still in packaging (asking $100)White satin cardbox Asking $15 Linens- ALL ARE NEW AND STILL IN PACKAGING, Cheaper than renting and you can sell them afterward 20   72 in. Square Satin Overlay PINK  Asking $5 2   14 x 108 in. Satin Table Runner PINK  Asking $2 16   108 in. Round Polyester Tablecloth WHITE  Asking  $7         250  17 in. Polyester Napkins  (1/2 already rolled with Reflections silver plasticware inside)  Asking  $70                    4   90 x 156 in. Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth WHITE  Asking  $9          1      70 x 120 in. Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth WHITE  Asking $6   Also I won a discount package at a bridal show that I believe is transferable.  If anyone needs a Videographer  thru the reception, DJ, and Photobooth I have a discount offer with a vendor where you can get all three services for only $1000.        

 I will also have additional stuff to list later.

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