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I need help please!! End of May or end of June wedding?

I am getting married at the Ponds at Equinox, but I am having the hardest time picking a date.  The two dates available for me are May 21st or June 25th.  A spring wedding souds beautiful with the blooming flowers, but then it could be very cold too!  June I know it should be warmer, but then this June it has rained a lot!  I know I can't control the weather, but since I live in TX I don't know how the weather really is in VT and what date I would be more safe with!  THANK YOU! 

Re: I need help please!! End of May or end of June wedding?

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    I would go with June the flowers are great!!!! You could have rain on any day or month really! I hope you dont but im just saying!
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    I would definitely go with the June date: it snowed in VT this past May! Everything blooms late in the state-the flowers will be in full force in June. Good luck!
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    It was also close to 90 degrees for a few days towards the end of May. The thing of it is, the weather around here is just too unpredictable and the temperatures can vary too much from year to year to try to use those as factors for picking your date.
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    i"m also getting married on 21 May, and the best advice that i can give: drange is right, weather here has its own mind and does what she will.  most importantly; pick a venue that has a great indoor/tent option, just in case.  the nice thing about a spring wedding is that venues can be flexible on minimums and pricing, since it can typically be a slower period. 
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    Definitely end of June.
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