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Major prayers needed...

I know I don't really post on here much anymore, but I know that I can always turn to you ladies when I need some prayer warriors.

I don't really know where to begin....

One of DH's students passed away in a car accident last night coming home from work.  They think he either fell asleep at the wheel or swerved to miss a deer and ran into a pole.  He was killed instantly.  Words can't describe the surreal feeling when you get the phone call at 1am in the morning, because being a band director, they are your kids, not just your students.  DH and I went up to the hospital, and even though the student's parents had left, there was a small gathering of students and parents.  Not much was said, but we needed to be together.

I can't tell you enough nice things about this student.  He just won a state-wide composition contest for the second year in a row, a phenomenal musician, AND one of the Drum Majors for the marching band.  And Saturday is the Regional Competition.  I have no idea what's going to happen right now, but my husband's band really could use your thoughts and prayers right now.  We called the principal and hopefully we'll be able to find some extra counselors for school tomorrow.  He was well known and loved by the entire school.  

It's 3:30am, and I just can't go to sleep now.  Just pray for wisdom for all the adults that will be supporting the kids tomorrow and strength and courage for the band kids to push through this and play their hearts out in memory of him on Saturday.  He would want it that way.

Thanks all :-)

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