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If you are invited to a "black tie" wedding, is it appropriate to wear a shorter cocktail dress or do the women need to wear long dresses?

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    It can be short.  I have done it and the first time I was worried but their were lots of ladies with short dresses. 
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    Unfortunately especially in Indiana and the Mid-West, most people think that they can get away with a more casual attire than what is requested for them. "Black tie" essentially does mean a full-length dress or skirt for ladies. Usually something reserved, classy, and sophisticated. It is not for cocktail attire (short skirt, dress, etc.). I've also run into bride and grooms' who've put on our invitations that they've made it a "black tie event" although they themselves aren't exactly informed on that exact description. "Black Tie Optional" would be more appropriate for cocktail attire. Here's an example of what "black tie" really means. (P.S. Black Tie events are still not the most dressy events. Those are reserved for "White Tie", but unless you are attending a wedding for the White House, you probably won't have to worry about it.) ; )
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    She's right, black tie means long dresses for the ladies.  I'm sure you won't be the only one in a short dress (if you go that route) but it's only because others are following proper protocol with you ;)  So, to be true to the term, black tie = long dress.
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