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Rhode Island

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Anyone did/ doing this tradition? If so - what are you doing? :)

Re: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

  • I am doing this:
    Old- I am taking a piece of my moms wedding dress, cutting it into a 3" heart shape and having it embroided with her wedding date and mine, and sewn into the inside lining og my dress at the top.
    New- Just about everything from me veil to my dress to my shoes
    Blue- I am wearing a sapphhire pendant earrings I believe andi thought about getting a pair of blue hanky pankies to wear.
    Borrowed- I haven't thought of this yet. But I am probably going to borrow a piece of jewelry from my grandmothers collection
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  • New: My dress and veil! :-)
    Old: I wore my Mom's garter belt and a sixpense in my shoe that she had also worn in her shoe!
    Borrowed: Her garter - I don't think there's any rule that says one thing can't fulfill two categories! lol
    Blue: I found these cute rhinestone sticker words on etsy to put on the bottom of my shoe that says "I DO:. Super cute and fun!
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  • Old - a piece of my moms wedding dress wrapped around my bouquet
    New - dress, shoes, veil..
    Borrowed - pearl ring from my sister
    Blue - undies from the VS bridal line that are white but have a blue rhinestone heart on them.

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  • Old-my mothers garter
    blue - my seamstress sewed a blue gem heart in my gown
    borrowed-my friend loaned me a beautiful white bag embroidered with "love" in every language in the world
    new-my gown, earring, shoes, veil

  • Old:  I was married at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet.  My "old" was Mom's purse.  Her grandmother had given it to her for her first dance - at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet

    New:  Dress

    Borrowed:  Grandma's topaz ring borrowed from Mom.  Grandma has passed on and it was a way of having her there with me. 

    Blue:  Besides the topaz jewelry, I also wore blue shoes.  Blue was one of our wedding colors. 
  • Old: My Grandmother's Wedding ring. She passed away that is my way of knowing she is there with me.

    New: My Dress and my Veil and Shoes.

    Borrowed: One of my BM's petticoat and my mom's Tanzanite and diamond necklace and earings.

    Blue: Haven't figured this out yet, maybe my garter, or undies. Or I was thinking about my girls writing something on the bottom of my shoe in Blue Sharpie I seen this on pinterest.
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  • Old - grandmother's pearls. Was going to be Mom's and grandmother's veil, too, but turns out it's just not going to work :(
    New - dress!
    Blue - shoes, so excited to have had a chance to get fun ones!

    Borrowed is the one I haven't got yet. Mom's mascara, probably!
  • I did...

    Old: my baptism bonnet that became a hankerchief
    New: dress, veil, shoes, everything else!
    Borrowed: my grandmother's ring 
    Blue: I had a patch sewn into my dress with my initials and wedding date
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