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Day of Coordinator?

Hi Everyone,

I was looking to hire a day-of Coordinator... Someone who can help make sure all my centerpieces are setup and favors are on the table, and that all the vendors show up, etc, etc.  I don't get access to my hall until 10AM day of, and I really don't want to stress about it.  My SIL raves about the one she used for her wedding, but can't find her card and can't remember her name.

Does anyone have anybody they'd personally recommend in the Toledo area?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Day of Coordinator?

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    I wish i could hook you up, but im paying a friend of mine to do it. She wants to get  into the biz of party planning so i thought i let her do this for me to get her start.

    shes been SUPER helpful so far. But not like "a professional" yet. She did go to BG for design. IDK if you want her number lmk. Im trying to save money and shes a guest at the wedding so im got going to pay her alot... its mostly a donation.
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  • rak123rak123 member
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    I believe Bee for the Day gets recommended on here often...http://www.beefortheday.com/
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    I'm using Brittany Craig, she's fantastic, her website is http://crowningcelebrations.com/.

    My good friend is using someone else we met in our networking group, Megan Stockburger.  Megan seems awesome, and my friends love her.  I just haven't personally worked with her on any vents.  Her website is http://www.uniqueeventsbymegan.com/.

    We've hired them both as wedding planners, but they both do DOC also.
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    I looked and looked for a decorator/day of coordinator and had no luck.  Mostly they were already booked, they didn't follow through with what they said they were going to do (hence I lost trust in them) or I never heard from them.

    Here is a list of all the people I tried.  They are all in the Toledo Area, except the last one.

    Candlelight Occasions  http://www.candlelightoccasions.com/
    Pearls Decor  http://www.pearlsdecor.com/index.html
    The Wedding Maker http://the-wedding-maker.com/
    Happily Ever After http://happily-everafter.net/

    Fairy Tale Weddings & Gifts 419-698-9732
    Decoration by Design 419-243-7765
    Elegance on a Budget 419-410-9663
    Lady Luck Coverups 734-241-2465 or 734-649-8278 (this person is in Southeast Michigan)   

    After 8 attempts to find someone, I eventually just gave up and changed my reception decorations to the point that I didn't need a decorator.  Good luck and I hope you have better luck with finding someone!!

    PS-If you want to know my experience with each one of these, let me know and I will fill you in.
  • MerinMerin member
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    Unfortunately the DOC I used has moved out of the area.  It's too bad, because she was awesome

    I used a great decorator though that is still around as far as I know.  Her company is called Elegant Affairs.  I don't think she has a website, but I have her phone number somewhere if any of you are interested - just let me know. :)
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  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    Thanks for the suggestions ladies!  I emailed a few of them, so we'll see how it goes! :)

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  • bethany_dyebethany_dye member
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    I'm new to these boards, I read them constantly but this is my first post :)  I'm planning a wedding for New years eve of this year. I'm getting married at the maumee indoor theater and because they will be playing movies all day I wont have access to my reception site until my ceremony starts! So needless to say a day of coordinator is essential for me. I think I'm going to go with Christina from Lovelight events


    She is just getting started and is only charging a flat rate of $100 for the day of and it includes a lot of stuff. I haven't really looked around that much but I though that price was really reasonable. I have also know a lot of people who have worked with Melissa from my beautiful memory and loved her! I hope this helps :)
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    Congratulations Bethany!!!!!!! Your wedding sounds super coool!
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    jenzibaba  I didn't see "Your Perfect Day" on your list of wedding coordinators in Northwest Ohio.  Their website is www.yourperfectdayllc.com or you can email them at [email protected]
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