Who to invite?

I am struggling about who to invite from my work. I work on a team and am inviting everyone that I work directly with and also a few close friends from around the agency. Where I am struggling is my supervisors. I'm not sure if it is polite and expected to invite my supervisors or not. Any thoughts?

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    It really depends on if you have day to day contact with them.  If you work with them closely you should invite them.  If they are the elucive boss you rarely see/ work directly with then no.

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    I invited my direct supervisor, the deputy director and the director of the museum.  I looked at it this way... if I left or the others left, would I still talk to them?  Would I invite them if we no longer worked together?  For me it was tough until I actually did it.  A colleague did the same thing last summer.

    My FI on the other hand!  Mr. Popularity had about 30 people from work... not counting their SO's!  I told him that wasn't likely going to work, esp. since I don't know half of them!  He's an auditor so he invited the partners at his firm he works under and a few of the people he does most of his audits with.

    Don't worry about hurt feelings, most people shouldn't hold it against you!

    Good luck!

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    you might get luck and they might not would think they would be understanding unless your closer to them..then they might not...I am having a similar prob in that I belong to a moms has 50 plus not inviting everyone but have made some good it can be tough but I think when it comes down to it they will hopefully be an adult and not take it personally..if your really worried..maybe have a celebration after the fact and have a casual dinner out wher eyou invite work friends
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    I'm an auditor too!! I have NO idea who to invite. If I invite everyone, its going to be 30-40 people (not including SO's!) On the one hand, I don't want to leave anyone out/make anyone feel bad. On the other, thats A LOT of people which = A LOT more $$$. I work with different people all the time, so its kind of hard.

    How did it work out only inviting a few of them?
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