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April 2014 Weddings

2.27 my to-do list

3 more weeks! How is everyone doing? Has the stress gotten to you yet?

I have a To-Do list im working on. Does anyone else? Id love to hear what you ladies have left to do!

Mine is:

-Buy my daughter dress shoes
-email our songs to our dj
-buy our canvases and paint them (our decals are going on them)
-buy the RB pillow and FG basket
-buy flowers for church
-find rose petals
-get vases for centerpieces
-contact our reception site

i think that's it, I just feel like its alot to do and so little time.

Re: 2.27 my to-do list

  • I have the same date and this is my list:

    Table Numbers
    Seating Chart
    Decorate Veil
    Pick Hairstyle/Stylist
    Memorial Stars
    Paint Orange Tealights Pink
    CD for Ceremony
    CD for Dinner
    Finish Filling out Guestbook
    PhotoSharing Cards
    Wish Cards?
    Décor for dance room
    Print Kisses Labels
    Cake Stand
    Lighting for Arch
    Finalize Vows
    Reserved Seats Signs
  • thats ALOT of stuff to do. How are you finding the time to do all of that?

  • edited February 2010
    I have someone doing the programs, placecards, table numbers, and donation cards.
    My FMIL is doing the out of town bags

    I need to:
    put together jordan almonds bundles
    hair/maekup trial
    pick up dress
    marriage license
    wrap bridal party presents
    put together my bag for the day of: pins, hairspray etc...
    meet with a few more vendors to finialize everything
  • Lets NOT talk about the to-do list! Too many things to do! I am a little stressed but hopefully the weather will be good for the rest of the month and I can get all the things done that need to be done. :-D

    Good luck ladies! We are so close to our dream day and the rest of our dream lives!
  • derekandtiffani

    haha, i had to write a list. my Fi works 6 days a week and is like NEVER home. Seriously he comes home just to eat dinner with me and the kids and then were asleep by 10. I have like 1 day a week to do everything. I am soo worried that SOMETHING is going to go wrong. hahaha

    good thing you have someone helping you. It makes it easier when you have less stuff to worry about.
  • I'm working on my list, nothing major, place cards mostly and packing for the honeymoon, but I'm terrified I will forget something major.
  • mumidi
    me too! even with my 57982759 lists ive been making!
  • I feel pretty good, been cross referencing the knot checklist and the checklist in my bridal magazine, I think I'm good, if I can get the organist to return my calls or e-mails, I really hate this man and i'm being forced by my church to use him.
  • oh that sucks... Our organist was super nice, the only problem was she wanted to do the ' dun dun da dun'thing for my whole bridal party to walk down the isle. ughh hopefully all that gets worked out because i want my own entrance. i know bridezilla moment hahah. Was it that 13 dollar mag, that had the small removable checklist? because I have that too hahah
  • I had my stress out moment last night, but it more over the flood of money going out of my account to pay everything off. Boo. I just need to pay everyone and finish escort cards/seating chart. Then it is off to the races! Yay!
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  • Finally spoke to the organist...

    I think I'm good, need to finish place cards and figure out songs for recepetion, then done!
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