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Hi Ladies,

      Just wanted to let you ladies know that one of my friends just got married and got her wedding photographer for free. I know how expensive photographers are  and thought this would help alot of brides to be.

She is looking to expand her portfolio to include weddings. In return for letting her shoot your wedding as an Extra photographer, she will give you all your edited photos on a CD a few days after your wedding. Who wouldnt want a FREE extra photographer, more pics, no extra money!

Just thought I would share.  Heres her email if your interested. Good Luck Ladies

[email protected]

Re: Photographer!!

  • Avion22Avion22 member
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    Wait, she'll only work as an "extra" photographer -- meaning you'll have you hire someone else to be the "main" photogapher anyway?   I have a few friends who are phtotographers and most of them really wouldn't like working with other photographers who they don't know (anyone who isn't their own assistant).  It tends to cause conflict because they end up trying to get the same shot and getting in each other's way.   In fact, I've even seen in photographer's contracts that they are to be the only "photographer" at the event.

    I guess I just don't see this working.  If she wants to expand her portfolio then she should offer her own services (not as an "extra" photographer) and build her portfolio by doing engagement sessions and the like.  As she does weddings of her friends, and friends of friends, her business should grow quickly (at least, if she's any good).  She should get in touch with other local photographers and network that way.  She should also start up a website so potential clients can see work she's already done.   I googled "Katielee Photography" and came up with several other photographers by that name, so she may want to choose a different name for her business that will be easier for web clients to find.
  • I was suggesting SHE change her name....

    Photography is a business, and these days brides find photographers online.  We like to look at their portfolio, pricing, package options, etc.  If I can't find a photographer's website then I will probalby not hire them.

    Your friend being willing to shoot pictures for free doesn't mean she won't accidentally step right in front of MY photographer while she's getting a crucial shot of a first dance, cake cutting, etc.   THAT is why photographers generally don't like to have anyone else taking professional pictures (unless it's their own assistant who they have worked with before).    
  • My sister made this mistake at her wedding.  She thought it would be great to have a photography student shoot photos along with her professional photographer.  Her photos came out awful bc half of the people were looking at the student photographer and the other half were looking at the professional photographer.   Her photo 'hour" took TWO hours because so many photos had to be taken two & three times.  The really ruined her entire wedding because announcements were late, dinner had to be postponed drastically compromised the food quality, she had to cut out the boquet toss and two speaches...  Please learn from her mistake and stick with a professional photographer.  After the flowers have wilted, the food & cake eaten, all you have left are your photos!
  • Most professional photographers have statements in their contract that doesn't allow any other photogs for that very reason - awful photo results. 
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