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At a loss!!

I am a bridesmaid in a wedding for June of next year. Her budget is at a stand-still until tax time. That means no money to put towards deposits to hold an event space, photographer, rentals, caterer, nothing. Yell I really dont know how to plan a wedding that is in the busiest time of the year without being able to put anything in stone. Ideas?

Re: At a loss!!

  • Doesn't hurt to plan.  I would still research and know what I want.  I'd say that's common to some degree.  People can't always afford immediately to pay many of the deposits.  I would still talk to vendors probably have at least two that I could go with because it's pretty possible that by the time the funds are available the place could be booked. I would ask how long the quote I received is good for. I'd get that in writing.  Many vendors have 2012 prices but then next year they will bump those prices up so couldn't hurt to get this years quote locked in. 

  • It is the busiest time and she'll find that while things will be difficult, because lots of the vendors are already booked, it won't be impossible.  I agree with her getting quotes and working on things she can afford now! 
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