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FI and I went to the Bridal Expo here in Honolulu last weekend (Cari - did you go?), and we had so much fun!

We came across Oeno's booth - they are a "winery" and basically they sell wine that you make yourself! You have to buy a whole barrel, but you can get 28-31 bottles per barrel. So last night we headed out there for a free tasting so the owner could advise us on what to get.

Since we are taking our honeymoon a few weeks after the wedding, and my family will still be here in town a few days later too, we are going to host a bottling party with some food about 3 days after the wedding! They will all get to keep a bottle or two and we get to customize our own labels. 

My family is SUPER into wine, so this is a perfect gift to just say "thanks for coming out to celebrate". We are inviting some of FI's local family and a few friends too so it will be a fun time. Plus we got a discount thanks to the Expo! Yay!

Just an idea for any of you other brides out there :) We thought about doing it before the wedding but I think it will be too hectic!

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    OMG, I love it Aubrey! That'll be so much fun!
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    I wish I had known about this when I was there!!  LOVE IT!!
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    What an awesome idea!!!
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    That is such a fabulous idea!  It sounds like so much fun, your guests will love it!!
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    There is a wine bar here in Chicago that does something similar in the fall - they have a "blend your own wine" afternoon, you design the labels and order half or full cases and then you get your wine just before the holidays.  My sister and I made our own wine to give as Christmas gifts a couple of years ago - its such an awesome idea.  FI and I thought about doing this as wine for the tables at our reception, but shipping it to Hawaii was too much of a hassle - wish I'd known there was something similar at home!
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    hi aub! :) we did end up going.  I was feeling really sick at the time so I didn't really get to enjoy it.  I saw the Oeno winemaking :) but didn't get to talk to them because they were sooo busy.  But it sounds really cool! :)  did you win anything from the expo? :)
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    Aubrey, that is a great idea!  We've never done it w/ Oeno but on Kapahulu there is another place called Wine the Expereince.  Shannon the owner is awesome and they do the wine bottling parties too... usually we end up drinking most of the wine though.  haha  http://www.winetheexperience.com/
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    pawsh - we saw them too, but we really liked the owner of Oeno so much, we went with them :)

    Cari - hope you're feeling better! We didn't really win anything... yet. We entered some cookware contest, and they called, but I saw that it was based in Missouri (the call center), and they said that both FI and I had to go to a hotel to "claim our prize". Once i said that only I could make it (since FI was working), the gal said we both had to be there and then she hung up! So I think it was one of those deals where you have to sit and listen to them try to sell you something to get entered in the big contest. Boo. I'm holding out for a free massage/facial!
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