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wording to invite priest and guest

sending a formal invite to our priest and want to allow him to bring a guest. I don't know who he would want to bring so how do I word the invitation? Fr. so and so and guest seems rude, but at the same time, it isn't like he has a signifigant other to address this to.

Re: wording to invite priest and guest

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    First, I don't know if it is really necessary to include a guest. Priests are usually pretty comfortable with socializing/making small talk/that sort of situation, if they are able to come to the reception (some have to miss due to other committments).

    Second, if you really want to invite your priest to bring a guest, I would include a seperate note in your invitation that says something like, "Fr. John, please feel free to bring a guest with you to the reception, if you'd lke!"
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    "and guest" is usually used so that guests can bring a date. Since that doesn't apply to the priest, I wouldn't leave it off. PP's suggestion of a private note is good,or just approach him directly and tell him a guest is cool..
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    I agree that you should just tell him he can bring a guest if he wants.
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