Question about financial aid and marriage...

    Ok, so, here's how this all came about: my FI's sister, who is 21 and unmarried, just told us that she is pregnant. She got pregnant last summer, but lost the baby at 28 weeks. Anyway, her and her BF have been TRYING to get pregnant ever since they lost the first. I totally understand their desire for another child after losing the first, and so does my FI, but he's really frustrated with the fact they want to have kids but aren't getting married. She told him it's because she wants to go back to school and she won't get financial aid if she's married. Is that legit? My FI is currently attending a Community College and is planning to transfer to the University of Michigan next fall to finish his degree. By time he transfers, we'll be married. So is it true that married people don't get financial aid? Does anyone have experience with this?

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Re: Question about financial aid and marriage...

  • It depends on how much you & your new spouse make combined. 

    Currently I am dependent (by law, only independent at age 24, unless married) and I use my mother's information (she is divorced) which makes me eligible for financial aid because she makes very little money. Once I get married, my FI & I will have a combined income of very little, but more than my single mother. This will lower the amount of financial aid that I recieve.

    If it was opposite, like if my mother makes more than my new husband and I combined, then I would be receiving MORE financial aid when I get married.

    I hope this helps!
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