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I just got engaged about 3 weeks ago and my head is spinning. I have a lot of different ideas and I am trying to keep this on the lower end of the budget. I am doing a lot of things myself such as the flowers and decorating. Does anyone have ideas on a reception place? I am wanting to have the ceremony at Riverfront park, but then again I might just to save on weather precautions want to have it in the same place as the reception. Also does anyone have some ideas on music? We are getting married in Sept but I feel like I am just not going to be able to get everything done. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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    I also found the DJ's number his name is Sheldon with Yo DJ Disc Jockey and can be reached at 860-0699. He is amazing, he did my friends wedding and he has one of the best prices you'll find around town $700 flat rate, all day/night not by the hour.
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    I have a friend who DJs they are $500 for 4 hours.  Their number is 208-2926 if you are interested.
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    Hi! Well Congratulation on the engagement! I am also getting married. My wedding date is May 29, 2010 and I am getting married at the Billings Hotel. I found an awesome, and cheap DJ. His name is jeremy wolf with wolff media productions. He charges only 450 for 7 hours! He is really nice and helpful....he has his own website, just google it. Hope it helps!
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    Hey, I just got engaged myself and I saw some very beautiful pictures of The Billings Hotel and Convention Center when it was decorated. If you are still looking for a reception hall. I am going to make all of my flower arrangments as well. I fund some reallyawsome ideas from the internet on those type in self made flower arrangments into google. I also found some really neat balloon decore that would go on the back of the brdie and groom table from party time on grand. I hope I helped in some way. Good luck and Congradulations!
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    Billings wedding Sept also!!!!

    My boss's son does weddings!!!

    We are doing holiday inn and my soon to be sister in law did hers at billings hotel...

    we just got engaged so budget friendly isn't allowing much else and like a PP im a little leary about this mt weather!!!! 

    Im having Plantasia in laurel do my flowers....shes doing all of my attentdents and parents and grandparents and ushers for 230 :-)

    My fiance is a dj so he's gonna set everthing up and have another dj friend hit the play button!!! lol
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    I used Yo DJ for my wedding and Sheldon is amazing! He even threw in music for the ceremony at no extra charge (we had an extremely short ceremony).
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    Thank you guys for all of the good info. We did find a place, Cherry Creek Convention Center that will work for an outdoor ceremony but is in a covered place so I don't have to worrry about weather and the reception is inside in the same place so no one has to travel. They supplied the chairs, tables and a full kitchen. I rented some stuff at Party Time plus and it was pretty reasonable. We have decided to save money and do the music ourselves with the help of a couple of friends, since we all ready subscrube to online music groups. A really good friend of mine is helping me and acting as my cordinator for that day and helping out alot. I am still doing all the flowers myself and found a lot of clearance things at Jo-Anns Fabric and Hobby Lobby. I also found my flower girl dress at Ross for $20. She is growing so I got it to big so that I can get it altered to fit her. I am getting the bridesmaid dresses off line from David's bridal outlet the only bad thing is that they can't be returned so I have to make sure to get them big enough and just get them altered. My Mom has helped out alot in making my veil, garter and all of the table runners. It was to expensive to rent them when I can just get the material and she will make them. I also found a great photographer who is going to be there for the whole day ,Thank you Natalie for that referal. My sister is taking care of the catering for me and I just need to go to Jayne's Signature sweets to talk about the cake.  I just can't believe that it is all ready the middle of march and we will be getting married in a little over 6 months a lot to do and definantly not enough time. Hope that all the planning is going great for all of you as well.
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    Great! Glad everything is coming together. I'm not sure if you checked into other bakeries yet but Jayne's is really expensive (VERY good but very expensive!)
    IGA Bakery and Cake creations in the heights charge $2.25/slice where Jayne's charges $4 a slice so its a big difference just FYI :)

    Good luck!
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