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Short Hair with Glasses

Hey everyone! I have short hair and I wear glasses. I'm thinking about cutting my hair ans styling it to wear down for my wedding in May. Anyone have any thoughts on how I can cut it cute, without it interfering with my glasses?

Re: Short Hair with Glasses

  • Do you have any pictures to get an idea of the length you're at now, or the length you would cut it to?
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  • I love short hair, and I would be cutting mine before my wedding if my hairdresser would let me. I want it curly so we have been growing it since June. However I do wear glasses and chose to have contacts before the wedding. There will be so much moving around and I don't want to have any pictures where glasses were falling. I like short bobs and depending on the formality of your wedding you can find really cute headbands, love headbands with short hair. 
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