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Having some trouble with finding invitations. We are planning to invite 150 pp. How much $ is an appropriate amount for invitations?

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    Hey! I'm in Fla, but I know they have them in NY and I'm sure some where in LI - believe it or not - party city:-) They offer 30% off invitiations down here and 20% off all the other stuff you need to order with them - response cards, envelopes, etc.  However, there's certain locations that do the discount so you'd have to check. I ordered 100 invites (really only needed about 90) and spent about 325$! My colors are purple so they went along with my theme. The discount really helps, had no problems, and came out very nice!
    Good luck!
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    It depends on the overall look that you're going for. The cheapest way to do them is to get a kit and print them yourself, but some people don't want to do that. What is your inspiration, or the general style you're going for?
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    that all depends on you and what you want. you can go super cheap or super expensive. all up to you.


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    We went to  They were FANTASTIC and extremely fast.  They have sales with up to $50 off your entire order and free shipping. 
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    well i dont have a printer so i wouldnt be able to do it myself. i love the invitations youve got anabeth.. very cute!! ill definitely have to check out party city lynnscott because my colors are also purple and white. its worth looking into if I could get nice ones at that price. :) thanks girls, I'll let you know how it goes
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    I know your post is over 30 days old so i am not sure if you will read this but i ordered my invitations from Cedarhurst Paper in Patchogue. I ordered invitations, lined envelopes, thank you cards and the RSVP cards and my total was $267. That is for 150 invitations. They have a very large selection and my invitations took only 1 week to come in. They are perfect and we are soooo happy with them. I highly recommend them. Good Luck!
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