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Our second marriage

This will be a second marriage for us both.  I had a pretty decent size wedding the first time but his was at a court house.  He has no problem with this second one being a simple family only get together.  But everytime I search for advice on a second marriage alot of it is geared towards older people or how to involve the kids.  I'm 29, he is 30 and we have no kids so are there any websites for us? 

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    There have been PLENTY of SW brides who have been in their late 20's & early 30's who have posted on this site, and found great advice.  In fact, I think the fact that not everyone on this board is 20-30 means that you get a broad spectrum of viewpoints that are even more helpful. 

    The first time boards are populated by people your age, but my bet is that their advice will not be as helpful to you as what we will tell you here.

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    It's my second marriage as well (my fiance's first).  I'm 31 and he's 33, and neither of us have any kids.  I think there are a lot of us on this board who are about our age.  

    The first-time boards have people of all ages...some of them are REALLY freaking young though (you'll be able to tell pretty easily who is 19...)  

    Regardless of age, people on this board have lots of good ideas and experience.  Some of us are widdows, others are divorced, I think we even had one bride who was remarrying her ex-husband?   This board also has people of varrying faiths and sexual orientations -- so yeah, I think we pretty much have all bases covered :-)   Feel free to post any specific questions that you have.  And welcome!
  • Hey donna! Respect your elders! I'm a grandmother and have over half a century under my belt! Yeah, some of these whippersnappers think they know everything but there are women of all ages on this board.
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    I think she may have been talking about other websites, and not this board specifically. I ran into a similiar thing when I was looking for info on second weddings on the web in general.

    I'm marrying a guy with kids, so I found some helpful info at the Stepfamily Resource Center's website. Other than that, the bulk of the useful advice on second weddings has come from the women on this board.

    If you've got specific questions, ask away. Someone here is bound to have encountered it at some point.

    Edit - BTW, I'm 33.
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  • It's my second marriage, and his first.  we are both 36.  We are planning a ceremony out-of-state, with only my son, bff, and her two daughters in attendance.  We aren't religious, but our parents/families are, and rather than offend them or have to explain wht there was no mention of God in our wedding, we are chooisng to have it elsewhere.  We do want to have a reception to celebrate with our friends and family when we return.  What is the proper etiquette for sending STD and reception invitations in this situation?   We already live together and don't really need anything from a registry, but don't want guests to feel obilgated to give money.  We really just want to celebrate with everyone.
  • The three wedding sites I looked at most often:;; and

    We actually adapted a couple of ideas from and incorporated them into our wedding.

    Good luck!

  • OP I know exactly what you mean. I am only 23 and this is my second wedding his first. I eloped for the first one and I am having a simple wedding and reception of about 50 people this time. Neither of us have kids so we dont need that information and I think it would look weird for me to wear a suit for my wedding. I am getting tired of hearing your second wedding has to be smaller than your first. Sorta makes me giggle since I am doing the exact opossite. This board has been more helpful than all the other sites and while I may be the youngest here I have learned a lot lurking through these ladies posts.  
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