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We are thinking of doing bottles of red wine as our favors. As a guest, would you appreciate this favor or leave it behind?

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Re: Wine Favors

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    I would like it. 
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  • We went to a wedding that gave those and everyone took them! We're doing these also : )
  • We're doing wine favors too! But I agree with the post above, you might want to include a white option also. Either way I personally think they're a great gift, and if any are left behind at least you can enjoy it yourself instead of being stuck with a bunch of shot glasses or cd's.
  • We'd take it.  Even isn't one that we would drink, we would be able to find a recipe and cook with it.
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  • I don't drink, so I was going to say I might leave it, but after reading GoodLuckBear's post, I agree that I could take it and cook with it.
  • I don't drink wine, so I'd likely leave it.

    If it were a local wine, I'd maybe take it to cook with or share with a friend. If it's some mass-produced "cheap" wine, it would definitely be left behind.

  • Yes, local wines are cool. I'd say do a white and red option. Wrap them with DIY customized labels and they can double as escort cards.
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  • I would take it! One of our favors were mini wine bottles and the guests loved them. We offered white or red wine, though, so that guests could choose what they liked better.
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  • i'd prefer a red and white option (even though i love red wine). someone who doesnt drink it can easily just have it around their house for guests.  personally i think its a great favor =)
  • I like the idea but agree with PPs that having a white and red option for your guests might be nice.  DH and I aren't big red wine drinkers but enjoy a variety of whites.

  • Thank you for all of the opinions! I think we're going to do mini bottles of white and red wine so guests can choose. :)

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  • I would love to recieve this as a favor! Even if i didn't drink wine I would think it was a cute gesture, and plus everyone knows someone who drinks wine! It won't go to waste :)
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